View Full Version : Is the XBOX original version works on XBOX 360?

29-07-09, 17:35
Can I play Legend XBOX original version on XBOX 360 console?
Thank you!

29-07-09, 17:39
I don't think so. I don't think it's been made backward compatible.

29-07-09, 18:07

There is a version for Xbox 360 though, that's probably why you can't play the original Xbox one.

29-07-09, 18:12
Thank you, well I have the 360 version, but I'd like to buy the original version too, just to increase my collection. :D It couldn't have been unnecesarry if the 360 would have support it.:)

30-07-09, 11:54
No it can't, although it will play other older XBOX games :)

I bought TRL for XBOX to increase my collection, when I found out that it didn't work on 360, I did a few favours for my dad and he bought me a XBOX :)