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30-07-09, 04:31

Welcome to the second Fun With Play-Doh competition! In this second comp, participants will need to make a model out of Play-Doh or other equivalent medium (i.e. modeling clay), and then color it using their favorite image editing program. However, this time there is a theme to which the entrants must adhere: all entries must resemble something that would be considered "edible", or something that you would be able to eat (without adverse reactions, so no poisonous chemicals!:p). Examples of previous the previous contest's entries may be seen here (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=154356). Entries will run for two weeks, from now until Wednesday, August 19, at approximately 23:00 GMT.

Requirements/Rules for Entries:

* All models must be made entirely from Play-Doh or other equivalent medium (excluding objects used for support such as toothpicks)
* All entrants must provide a before shot of the model in addition to the actual entry
* No preview pictures may be over 800x600 pixels in resolution
* All entries must have a title (it doesn't matter if you call it "Member X's First Entry", but there will be a criteria for best title in the voting thread)
* You may post as many WIPs as you like, but you must indicate which is your final entry
* All participants are limited to three entries
* All entrants must vote

The categories for voting will be: "Best Title", "Most Mouth-Watering Entry", "Best Idea", and "Best Overall Entry".

All of the above is up for debate/discussion via Visitor Messages or Private Messages to me.

If you any doubt as to whether or not your entry would be considered "edible", please contact me via PM or Visitor Messages!;)

Helpful Links:

GIMP (http://www.gimp.org) - The GNU Image Manipulation Program
Recipe for Play-Doh (http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Make-Playdough-Play-doh/) - (there are actually two recipes on this page, with one being the article, and another in the comments section of the first page).

Now, let's make that mouth way up at the top drool!:jmp:

just croft
30-07-09, 22:45
I've got my idea. Gunna take a while though.

31-07-09, 09:30
Wow, you immediately started on your second comp! :D
Can you let the participants take a break for a bit? LOL.

31-07-09, 16:37
Wow, you immediately started on your second comp! :D
Can you let the participants take a break for a bit? LOL.

I was thinkng about it, but some of the people wanted it now. I might extend the entry phase in case they want to take a break though...

just croft
09-08-09, 20:24
Sorry to bump this. :o

I have done so for two reasons. One that isn't very T&C-ish: So that people can see this exists and maybe participate. But my main reason was to ask if the deadline could possibly be changed to a later date. I have my idea but I still haven't started working on it. And since no other entries have been posted aswell I think it would be nice to postpone it.


09-08-09, 21:02
I'll extend it for another week. ;)