View Full Version : Name that level?

01-08-09, 00:52
I recall a level that included a large courtyard surrounded by tall walls and a dragon central structure close to one of the walls facing that wall. Facing the dragon, Lara had to work her way up to her right (dragon's left) up high, then follow a path around a perimeter of ledges up high in order to end up on the dragons right side. From here Lara jumped onto the nose of the dragon or something nearby.

Once Lara was inside the dragons mouth, there was a long red path with a gap over a big drop and a switch on the deep inside. Activating the switch cause the camera to pan away back inside the dragon to outside the dragon to give a brief far away view.

01-08-09, 01:36
Hm I'm really not sure so don't hit me, but maybe it's "The Flying Temple" by Codo ???