View Full Version : Can you help my forgetful mind to remember a level?

01-08-09, 17:52
A long time ago, somebody posted some screenshots of his/her level. It's a city level and what struck me the most about this level is that the creator took the time to incorporate building shadows to his texture set. When he posted a view of the city from above, it looks like the buildings really cast shadows even though in reality they are just textures. If I'm not mistaken. Lara wore some kind of AOD outfit in those screenshot.

Anyone remembers?

01-08-09, 18:02
I just played I am Legend which takes place in a city (which is also shown from above in the title flyby) and Lara is wearing an AOD outfit, but I can't remember seeing any shadows like that.
So it probably isn't the level you are looking for...

01-08-09, 18:04

I was thinking I am legend :p

01-08-09, 18:22
Sorry, I forgot to mentioned that I saw these screenshots a long time ago. I am Legend (excellent game BTW :tmb) is a recent game.

01-08-09, 18:33
Wasn't it TR4 Gold fading light ?? It takes place in city and has a AoD outfit too.

01-08-09, 18:56
^^ Not that one too. (played it :D).

Let me refine it a bit more. The time that I saw these screenshots, they were just showcased as they are - screenshots. No playable level was released yet. That's why I'm trying to find it now. To see if it has been finished and released.

The setting and the outfit doesn't matter. But the one important part that will really catch your attention when you see those screenshots are what I've already mentioned, building casting shadows (as if it was sunset). Granted they were just dark lines and areas on the streets and walls but boy,do the level look gorgeous. Of course it's ruined by Lara's low tech spot shadow, but what the hell the shadows really makes the level looks pretty. :D