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Exactly what did you download and where did you download it from?
Exactly what error does it give?

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It should have a setup program to properly install it.
Then you should run the tomb4 setup so the graphics are configured. This will be on the Start menu wherever you install to. If it isn't there, you need to create a shortcut to tomb4.exe. Right click the shortcut and select properties. Under the command "tomb4.exe" add a space then "setup" (without the quotes), the click OK. Doubleclick the shortcut to run the setup. Then exit and try the editor again.

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Try the full version, the third one and extract it properly then install.

02-08-09, 23:42
That was going to be my next suggestion.
Download the full version.
Download the XP patched tomb4 (at the bottom of the page).

I think the one you downloaded is the Lite version, and doesn't have what you need to create levels.

03-08-09, 04:16
The one slipstreamer downloaded is really the one to use with XP or Vista. Not the old full or lite versions, which if iirc come in .iso-format, are missing the dated WADs and stuff...

I just used that "first download on that page" about a week ago or two; and no, that one is a "full" version, and unzipping it with windows builtin unzip should work just fine. What you get is a readme.txt and a setup.exe. Runnning that setup.exe installs everything where you want it. (on Vista it may be a good idea not to install it in C:\programs\... but somewhere else, e.g. somewhere under "My Documents" or whatever the name of that place used to be. )

That "first on that page" download already contains the XP/Vista-enhanced tomb4.exe and all the revised WADs, so no trouble there.
It is really a smart installer, e.g it comes without the .tr4 files, saving many MB in downloadsize and when done with "installing" it builds the .tr4 files. :tmb:
You should end up with a full and "XP-updated" TRLE with all the relevant registry settings pointing to that installation of TRLE, so using the setup from the TRLE folder should also work out of the box.

Slipstreamer : Did you have a TRLE installed before ?
if so, uninstall those previously installed TRLE(s) and the one you just installed, then download and run TR registry cleaner (http://www.tombraiderhub.com/download/trrc.exe).
In the box choose to clean registry for TR level editor.
Then try to install TRLE again, by using that trlesetup.exe again.

You do not use windows 7 or something ?