View Full Version : is it possible to delete updates on 360?

04-08-09, 03:12
I accidently downloaded the dreaded patch that ads TRA achievements to TRL on XBOX360. I don't want to go into the trouble of downloading TRA just to get these achievements, is there a way to delete the update?

04-08-09, 03:14
Pretty sure you can off your hard drive, I think go to system memory, go to memory, check for the updates on your drive and remove them accordingly.

04-08-09, 05:33
Go to the system blade and then select memory.
Press Y on the highlighted HDD symbol.
Press X,X,Left Bumper, Right Bumper, X,X.
Once you do this a messsage will appear saying: "Do you want to perform maintenance on your Xbox 360 storage devices?"
Choose "Yes".

That should clear all system updates except NXE :wve:

04-08-09, 05:37
I don't really want to clear all of them, just the TRL update. what is NXE?

04-08-09, 06:50
Unfortunately that's the only way. After that just don't be on live when you play TRL ;)

NXE = New Xbox Experience (When the dashboard changed)

04-08-09, 06:52
I had wondered what the TRL update did until someone told me it was Anniversary achievements.