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05-08-09, 00:09
I was replaying it on my psp, with the music down, and at the beginning while walking around the village there were 2 different conversations in spanish....
One was with a man and a (woman) the woman said something and the man said "Silencio" which i know what that means, and then there was another somewhere else in there (the area at the beginning) i just thought it was really cool and i wanted to share, any spanish speaking member care to translate what they say? :)

05-08-09, 03:14
Lol, that would kinda explain the conversation between Zip and Lara then.

05-08-09, 03:27
I didn't know about this.

I don't recall the PS2 or Xbox 360 version doing that. Weeeird.

05-08-09, 04:24
well id never ever heard it until i had the music off (id been replaying the game without the music)

05-08-09, 04:37
I'm going to have to try that now.

05-08-09, 06:27
does it come up on the subtitles? :O

05-08-09, 06:44
it might, i didnt have them on when i played

05-08-09, 07:03
CHECK! LOL!! I must find out! :D

05-08-09, 07:24
I have heard it too :)
its on every platform except DS, GBA and Mobile.

05-08-09, 07:51
It never happened for me. I need to check it out :)

05-08-09, 10:42
I heard it! I tried it and I turned my surround sound up really loud, but then it scared me because I unexpectedly heard them talking after the cutscene from behind me. :p

Went too fast for me, though. Only understood the woman.

11-08-09, 13:02
its on ps2 version but i cant understand them :(

11-08-09, 15:45
Can sombody write down what they say, translated. Please.

11-08-09, 21:31
I speak spanish but i never heard that conversation in Peru :(

11-08-09, 23:27
I played it on the PS2, with music at 0 in options but the music still played in the cutscene :confused: You did mean the conversation was in the cutscene, right? :)

KC Mraz
11-08-09, 23:36
Really? :confused: I'm definitely taking my old Xbox out later today to see if I can hear them.

12-08-09, 01:57
I heard that even with the music on :confused:

:vlol: Anyway, they don't say anything interesting... only things like "Silence" or "She's coming" :vlol:

12-08-09, 02:04
He might be doing sexual things to her... she might not like it... :O

12-08-09, 02:06
He might be doing sexual things to her... she might not like it... :O

What?! :yik:

13-08-09, 08:32
Also in Peru I noticed:

In the cutscenes before & after the flashback, no matter what outfit Lara is wearing in that level, in those cutscenes Lara is wearing the Legend outfit

In the cutscene where you shoot the truck driver, and the interactive cutscene when your running from Fluffy, Lara's hair is animated

And last, at the beginning, if you kick the soccer ball into the broken fence, you here people scream "GOOOOOOAAAAAALLLL!!!"

Originally Posted by scremanie
He might be doing sexual things to her... she might not like it... :O

OMG!!! (http://alias-media.com/modules.php?name=coppermine&file=displayimagepopup&pid=23286&fullsize=1)