View Full Version : How do I add several different sprites into one default_sprite?

05-08-09, 14:48
Say, if I wanted to add teme9's fire sprites to my wad, and SilentViper's water sprites, how would I do that? :)

05-08-09, 15:53
Are those sprites you downloaded in BMP format already?
If not, then you'll have to extract them first.

Open WADMerger and select the sprites object.
Then open the Sprite Editor.
Now export each sprite you want to use in your own level. So export the flame sprites from teme9's sprite object and the water sprites from SilentViper's srpite object.
It will be easiest if you number the sprites. So sprite number 1 (one of the flame/smoke sprites) will simply be called 01.bmp and so on.
When done open your own wad in WADMerger and select the sprite object.
Open the Sprite Editor again and start importing all the BMP's you exported, copying over the existing sprites.

Make sure you copy the watersprites over the original; water sprites and the flame sprites over the original flame sprites. Other wise you might end up with a flame appearing when Lara jumps into the water...

05-08-09, 17:45
Ah, okay. Cheers, Titia. :)