View Full Version : Tomb Raider Legend to debut on Microsoft's Xbox 360 Games On Demand service

tlr online
05-08-09, 17:50
Can't be bothered to drag yourself to the nearest brick-and-mortar to pick up your Xbox 360 games? Don't worry, you won't be penalized for your sloth -- this coming Tuesday, the first batch of 21 titles will be added to the Games on Demand service, a new feature in the anticipated dashboard update. There are no costs attached to these titles yet, but Microsoft says they'll be similar in price to their tangible counterparts.


Via http://twitter.com/tombraidertweet

05-08-09, 18:13
It's a relatively old game so I can't see it selling well. Anyone who would consider getting it would probably already have it.

05-08-09, 18:18
So you just buy it, download it and play? And does that mean I could download Anniversary as well? That'd be cool.