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dnf raider
05-08-09, 20:46
everybody knows piega right? well i know he changed lots of animation for custom object as well as there form i was impressed but how do we do that?
I've tried with wad merger but nothing changed please help!!
here is new pics of my new game THE TRAINING...EPISODE ZERO

06-08-09, 00:26
god your website is so full of advertisements....

06-08-09, 04:30
I agree GeckoKid, but it's just rude of you to point that out and then not bother to answer the persons question. :smk:

@ dnf raider: What would you like to make an animation for? You just said for a custom object. Do you mean Lara, or an actual object?

06-08-09, 08:51
god your website is so full of advertisements.... God you're always full of these comments. :rolleyes: Everyone can't pay for perfect websites ya know.

Anyways, what are you having problems with? I don't know about cutscene animations but with other animations you should just do these steps:

1. Open Wad, Select LARA object.
2. Click anim edit (Or whatever it's called...) and it should open. It doesn't open for some objects.
3. Select an animation and start making it with the move/rotate buttons. When done, press the X button in the corner to close it, and say yes to the prompt about saving the object. Then save your wad and convert it again with tom2pc. :)

If you're talking about making objects, you might wanna look at Piega's Meta tutorial I think he posted in the tutorials forum. :)

dnf raider
06-08-09, 23:03
thanks for your comments, and thanks for your support tomblover.
What i want exacly is changing the animation and the rotation of the cog wheel from the original tr4...i have to say this is my fourth created game and this one is verry the last one cause it needs a lot of work.the training episode zero is the story before Saudi Arabia.And the title to episode zero says it all THE TRAINING whoooo what a training with lots of new animations, new objects and of course a new story with fresh cut-scenes.

07-08-09, 00:45
^^ thats what you do... tomblover just said everything to do, change the animation so that you can simulate the changing of the cog.

dnf raider
07-08-09, 02:06
thanks mudkip25, i'm working on it.

07-08-09, 16:52
TombLover has got a point.. :whi:

07-08-09, 22:39
well i actually bothered to click on the link... as i liked his levels .-. then i got put off by all the ads D:

08-08-09, 00:23

ya speaking of things that put people off.

08-08-09, 07:54
Why doesn't everyone stop fighting and stick to the topic?
And no stupid "I have to get the last word" type responses :mad:

dnf raider
09-08-09, 01:10
i can't rotate the cog to 90 degrees. what i'm trying to do is to set the cog exacly like in prince of persia lara is chimming from left to right and in the middle of the path there is a cog wheel comming from up to down, she has to cross before she gets hit by the cog.