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07-08-09, 07:30
Recently I noticed that I have been very crude to my family... I can't help it, but it just happens. Its like they're annoying me, but they arrant. I'm sorry this is so stupid, but is this seriously normal for around my age? My mum will just ask me a simple question and I just feel as though I cant be bothered to answer and I will just ignore her or say something toneless back. I noticed that I have only been doing this within the last couple of months or the year or something... I just cant help it but I know that it upsets my mum.

I'm completely different when I'm at school though. I will act slightly childish and joke around and whatnot, but when I'm at home I just mope around. Its not like that all the time though. Like just before, my mum told me a joke, I did not laugh.. I just pretended too. So I'm just wandering, is anyone a parent with a child around my age (16-19) that is just like this? I really want to know if its just me, or is there anyone around my age that is like this?

This thread is most likely pointless, but I just needed to share my thoughts :o

07-08-09, 07:40
It's pretty much normal. I'm 14 and I'm pretty moody, but that's just the kind of person I am. I'm almost never in a horrible mood, but when I am I have good reason. I have to say though, I'm sick of my friends mood swings that come up for practically no reason. I ask them questions or try to converse at school and they are in the worst mood, and it's the same people every time. I just can get sick of a person's attitude, and then I get sent into a bad mood because of the way they act, and then a fight starts and so forth. If they have reason to cop an attitude with me, fine, but if I don't do anything to deserve to be treated like that then there's a problem. So I can definitely see why it upsets your mom since I have first hand experience to it, but it's a mom so she'll say something she doesn't mean, regret it and get over mood swings. Rinse repeat.

07-08-09, 07:45
Thanks Awestruck :)

But at least I know that I'm not as bad as my 18 year old sister... oh boy.. that is the worst time to socialize with a girl at her age.. I have to put up with so much crap from her it is not funny. So does my mum. But thank you for your reply :) at least I know there is a few other people.

Is there any more people on here that have this situation?

07-08-09, 07:53
Thanks Awestruck :)

But at least I know that I'm not as bad as my 18 year old sister... oh boy.. that is the worst time to socialize with a girl at her age.. I have to put up with so much crap from her it is not funny. So does my mum. But thank you for your reply :) at least I know there is a few other people.

Is there any more people on here that have this situation?

It's a part of life, everyone's going to be in a bad mood for what appears to be no reason at some point. Moodswings are very normal for Teenagers, especially your older siblings that feel that sense of entitlement to treat you like ****. I used to put up with it but I didn't grow up with my 3 older brothers and sisters and I actually get along with them quite well.

07-08-09, 08:06
Normal....teenagers brains rewire during adolescence plus the growth spurts..bodily changes.....rush of hormones....the poor old brain can't cope and thus the mood swings etc. You grow out of it...or else the real life stresses of work/kids/bills kill any chance of a good old strop! ;)

07-08-09, 08:06
Its normal don't worry! You'll be fine in a couple of years and 'mood swings' and 'attitude problems' will be a thing of the past. :)

07-08-09, 08:17
teenage brains (http://www.edinformatics.com/news/teenage_brains.htm)

friendlier version of the above! (http://www.sciencenewsforkids.org/articles/20050928/Feature1.asp)

Now no telling your parents that you can't help it ...it is your brain!

07-08-09, 08:54
I dont know, Im 19 now and from 13-17 I used to be a brat. I'm over it now so i guess it was more of a phase.

TR love
07-08-09, 09:15
Thats what I do, im 14 and im fine at school. Although sometimes i loose my patience easily.

When i get home my parents ask me to do something or talk to me and i snap at them and confine myself in my room because they annoy me so much! It sucks.

So there is nothing wrong at all.

Damn teenage stages.

07-08-09, 09:30
The teenage brain... http://i28.************/23u20eu.gif

Lee croft
07-08-09, 09:58
I get like this! and im 17 XD :\

07-08-09, 10:02
Well, I'm sixteen in February and I never snap at my parents, so . . . maybe you lost are just secretly evil . . . :pi:

07-08-09, 10:07
haha basically us teenagers are evil to our families
I'm 16, and when I'm at home, I can't help it, but LOADS of things my family do irritate me. And I'm snappy and moody with my dad most of the time, I can't help it I just react like that to him. I'm prone to arguments with my sisters, but oddly I'm all 'lovey dovey' with my mum (maybe because she's the source of any of my money :p)

08-08-09, 10:56
Deep breathing and drowning myself in music helps. I know how you feel, meditating does help a lot.

08-08-09, 12:50
Alot of teenagers do have attitude problems, but you realise that you are acting a bit foul towards your family and see its a problem, so in your case I think its just hormones. :)

Really though, teens are such an awkward period of anyones life. If I can offer some advise; don't worry about making lots of friends, don't worry about what everyone else is or isn't doing and keep your family close. Everyone develops at their own rate, and everyone is under some sort of peer pressure to fit in. Keep core friends around you and try to avoid drama. I found that the best friends I've made have been since I left school and I feel like I've known them my whole life!

Hormones will settle and you'll calm down, don't worry! :hug:

Kelly Craftman
08-08-09, 12:55
Im 17 and Female so its super Tantrum :vlol:
sometimes i make my nan cry, just because she said one word, but im sure soon it will pass. i hope

08-08-09, 13:00
There's nothing to worry about...it's normal.
I'm 17 and I'm like that too except I'm moody to pretty much everyone not just my family :o

08-08-09, 13:02
I'm 18 and I still have my mood swings.

08-08-09, 13:04
I'd say its pretty normal for teenagers to have mood swings...
I'm 15, 16 in just over a month and sometimes I snap at my parents for no real reason..;)...

But then I apologize afterwards:)

08-08-09, 13:04
I don't really get mood swings, not unless someone actually upsets me, but they have to be triggered, they don't just come out of thin air. I've been quite ratty today though, tiredness has taken over.

08-08-09, 13:10
I sometimes get depressed which can in turn lead to some outbursts alhough I'm not sure if its down to hormones, I just think its growing up in the sense of finding ones own identity and coping with new responsibilities and considerations.

08-08-09, 14:57
I think it's pretty normal. Not all teenagers are the same, but I don't think there is anything to worry about. It's just a phase you're going through. I can't remember being moody or rude to my parents at that age but my son is definitely going through it. I can ask him a question and his answer will come out snappy. But he doesn't always realise or he'll say he didn't mean to. He's not like that with his dad though :pi:.

08-08-09, 15:05
Its by choice i think, teens are just given lee way these days.

When i hit my teens my father died, before that i was an idiot, i was still an idiot after (still am), but not in the same way, and tried to avoid letting my idiocy effect other people, especially my family.

08-08-09, 16:48
I was like that a year ago, when I was 13...I had fights with my family all the time, I was like...always angry for no reason!!!
But, now I'm not like that!:confused::D

08-08-09, 16:52
I got some mood swings and Im around your age, so i think its normal. :D

08-08-09, 16:57
The teenage brain... http://i28.************/23u20eu.gif
:vlol: LOL

And I was a lot like what you're describing when I was 12 - 14. I think at some point during your teenage years the mood swings and smarta** comments is totally normal. lol. But you can't just say 'hey I'm a teenager so I can act this way' and do mean things. You still need to make an effort to be kind to people, especially your parents. Just understand that it does happen, and a lot of people feel that way too :hug:

08-08-09, 17:00
Pretty much all the same I was at my worst at 11 :p

I'm 16 now coming 17 in two months and settled down :)

Dark Lugia 2
08-08-09, 17:02
I have times where I'd rather be with my friends more than my family, and it makes them think that I dont love them as much as I do my friends. Thats BS though cause I help around everyday because I want to make it easier for them :rolleyes: Ungrateful. :P

They think its attitude and that being a teenager shouldnt affect how I behave, just because they didnt act like that 'back then' so its frustrating that the thought doesnt enter their minds.

So I think your just normal :p

09-08-09, 14:38
Well, im not a teenager anymore but i know ive been a big piece of s**t when i was on my 15-20... But all teenagers get thru this, its nomal, its being teenager...

09-08-09, 15:32
It's all normal. I'm 18 and I still get mood swings. They suck, but hey what can you do. Usually they are triggered by something though, even if that something is completely irrational and pointless.

09-08-09, 15:43
I have been having this exact thing too lately..........and I figure it was just me pushing myaelf away from my family which is kind of normal at this age I guess:)