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Chocola teapot
07-08-09, 13:03
Well, Hello Everyone! Welcome to my thread, Make yourselves at home.

Now... Where to start. Oh yes, Tea!
I decided that it would be interesting to make a thread about a tea, you see.
I want to know your oppinions on Tea, Have you ever drank tea? How often do you drink tea? One sugar, Two?
Milk tea, herbal tea or maybe fruit tea? Well, all of this in due time! First some information about tea!

Tea is a product of the Plant Camellia sinensis Prepared in many different ways.

Tea usually refers to the drink made when the tea leaves are added to boiling water.
The four most popular types of Tea are Black tea, Oolong tea, Green tea and White tea.

After Water, Tea is the most widely consumed drink in all of the world.

According to the United Kingdom Tea Council, The UK drinks 165 Million Cups of tea a day.
When you consider there are around 60 Million People in the uk, that is 2.5 cups per person. That's a lot of Tea.
Also, according to the Tea industry forum, The uk accounts for 6% of world Tea consumption.
How many cups of tea is that worldwide? Apparently about 2,750,000,000 cups of tea are drunk every day.
Two Billion, Seven Hundred and Fifty Million cups of tea every day...

Some tea History:

2737 B.C.
The second emperor of China, Shen Nung, discovers tea when tea leaves blow into his cup of hot water, Apparently.


Demand for tea as a medicinal beverage rises, Many tea drinkers add onion, ginger, spices, or orange to their teas.

593 A
Tea journeys from China to Japan.

The Chinese give tea give its own character ch’a.
(Maybe that's where the idea 'cup of cha' Came from)

Chinese tea drinking is on the rise, as are elegant teacups carefully crafted from porcelain and pottery.

Japanese Buddhist abbot Eisai writes the first Japanese tea book.

Japan's shogun Yoshimasa encourages tea ceremonies, painting, and drama.

Europeans learn about tea when an author credits the lengthy lives of Asians to their tea drinking.

The Dutch bring back green tea from Japan

Tea catches on in the Dutch court.

Wealthy Dutch merchants’ wives serve tea at parties.

The Dutch introduce several teas and tea traditions to New Amsterdam, which later becomes New York.

The first tea is sold as a health beverage in London, England at Garway's Coffee House.

Annual tea importation to England tops 800,000 pounds.

British Prime Minister Robert Walpole reduces British import taxes on tea.

Tea easily ranks as the most popular drink in the American colonies.

11 million pounds of tea are brought into England.

Anna the Duchess of Bedford introduces afternoon tea, which becomes a lasting English ritual.

Over 90 percent of Britain's tea is still imported from China.

Twinings of England begins to blend tea for uniformity.

Englishman Richard Blechynden creates iced tea during a heat wave at the St Louis World Fair.

New York tea importer Thomas Sullivan inadvertently invents tea bags when he sends tea to clients in small silk bags, and they mistakenly steep the bags whole.

Sumatra, Indonesia becomes a cultivator and exporter of tea followed by Kenya and parts of Africa.

There you have it, History of tea up until now!

Well, that was from me, Now you!
Tell me about what you think think of Tea,
How you like your Tea, How many sugars do you like?

Well... Discuss!

07-08-09, 13:05
i love milky tea with 2-3 sugars :D


Lee croft
07-08-09, 13:07
i dont drink tea and wow you must like tea more then i like Britney Spears :vlol:

Kelly Craftman
07-08-09, 13:07
Wow! its wonderful to see Teas history, experly when its a good way to relax!
Thanks chocola Teapot, its a wonderful read. :tmb:

07-08-09, 13:11
Well you have an appropriate username firstly :D

Love tea! Think I must have at least 6 cups of tea a day. Used to have sugar years back, but not anymore.

Drink normal tea most of the time, but also have green tea, and Camomile tea.

07-08-09, 13:13
I only drink tea when I'm sick!:p:D

Lara Fan 4Life
07-08-09, 13:18
I love tea! :D

07-08-09, 13:19
I like tea, one sugar, lots of milk, or green.

Mint tea is good for headaches, and Vanilla Earl Grey is really nice.:)

Nettle tea is a little strange, but I don't dislike it, same for some fruit teas.

07-08-09, 13:21
I can't live without tea, I simply cease to function.

I have 2-3 cups a day, depending on the severity of the day. My family are much worse, and have around 6 cups a day. Irish breakfast is the strongest tea I've come across.

I love Rooibosch and mint tea, but I don't have them as often as I have breakfast tea. I need my caffiene fix!

Dark One
07-08-09, 13:25
I loooooooooove Earl Grey. I've been learning to drink it without sugar. A difficult prospect but I think I've got it down now.

BTW, When you're sick, drink green tea. It is very medicinal.

07-08-09, 13:28
I'm not a tea-drinker, but I laughed at the image of a Chinese Emperor enjoying a nice cup of hot water.

07-08-09, 13:31
I only drink hot tea in the winter, since it's far too hot in the summer here to want a hot drink. But I usually have iced tea every day in the summer.

I like a few different fruity flavored hot teas. Usually like, mandarin orange spice.

Chocola teapot
07-08-09, 13:39
Thankyou for your responses Guys! :tmb:
Now I have a few types to try :)
@ Kelly Cratfman: Thankyou very much, Im glad you had an interesting read, That was what I set out to do! :)

07-08-09, 13:40
i love milky tea with 2-3 sugars :D


Same :tmb:

Chocola teapot
07-08-09, 13:41
Personally, I like 2 sugars with a milky tea, but none in a fruit tea.

07-08-09, 13:42
I remember I had a flavoured tea once, I can't remember what flavour it was, but I know I hated it :D

07-08-09, 13:46
I love tea! Vanilla, Peach, Cherry, Cinnamon, Orange tea flavors are the best :yah:

Chocola teapot
07-08-09, 13:47
I love Peach tea! :)

07-08-09, 13:47
I love tea. Can't stand coffee, way too strong and the smell makes me feel sick. I can't drink mildly warm tea, I have to drink it when it's hot.

07-08-09, 13:47
I love Peach tea! :)
Which.. erm how to say this.. brand of tea do you like to drink?

07-08-09, 13:50
Vanilla or cherry tea, 3 sugars, and top it off with a bit of milk. :D

Chocola teapot
07-08-09, 13:51
@ Tombraiderluka
Lipton, Lipton Is it, Im sure they make lovely fruit tea, they are one of the brands I Remember. They Do lovely fruit tea in the Inshops but Im not sure about the brands. My favourite milk tea is typhoo.

07-08-09, 14:08
Tea FTW!

When young I started drinking tea with milk and sugar. Later, when I wanted to reduce my sugar consupmtion I found it unbearable with milk but no sugar so I went drinking it pure.
I was surprised it took so little time to change my taste, only two weeks later I did not like tea with milk and sugar no more.

When I moved to Kiel I was shocked, the water here is so "hard" (lot's of lime / hydrocarbonate) that any tea tastes like nothing. Even if you take a lot more tea per water, it still is bäh compared to tea made with "soft" water.

After much search I found a tea that can mostly withstand the water here - it is a pure Assam, only slightly broken. Thank the Gods of Tea ! I am hopeless without tea in the morning.
Talk to me before I had a cup of tea and you regret it all day long. :D

I used to live in Ostfriesland for a while (that's east of Netherlands) where they drink even more tea than the British do. :)

Sadly, I have discovered that I can not cope that well anymore with cafeine overdose, so I had to reduce how much tea I drink in a day. (about 3 or 4 mugs of tea+coffee per day is still OK.)

I can't drink mildly warm tea, I have to drink it when it's hot.
Absolutely :tmb:

Croft, Lara
07-08-09, 14:11
Reminds me of this:



07-08-09, 14:54
I'm drinking mandarin cinammon and mango :D

young Lara Croft
07-08-09, 15:08
I LOVE TEA!!!!!! TEA IS ALL I DRINK !!!!!!! I'M A TEA ADDICT!!!!!!!!

I love Green Tea with Mint, and Earl Grey Tea!

but I drink all kinds of tea from friut infusion to herball blends! :D

I'm frequenting tea rooms and usualy I bring a book or two just to look through while i enjoy my tea!

Favorite kinds of tea : Sencha Fantasia, Sencha Cherry Blossom, Yogi Power , Nepal Masala, Sencha Ginger & Lemon, Green Tea Sunday Morning, Tulsi Redbush Spice Basket, China Tea for the Lucky Ones, Formosa Oolong, Jasmin Dragon Phoenix Pearl, Rooibos, White Tea etc

Favorite brands: Twinnings, Teekanne, Lipton, Akbar, Dilmah

let's make a club for tea drinkers!

07-08-09, 15:48
@ Tombraiderluka
Lipton, Lipton Is it, Im sure they make lovely fruit tea, they are one of the brands I Remember. They Do lovely fruit tea in the Inshops but Im not sure about the brands. My favourite milk tea is typhoo.
I love these:


07-08-09, 16:54
The only tea I've ever drunk would be Arizona Iced and Green Tea:D:D;) Does that count???

07-08-09, 17:03
I am drinking peppermint tea. *drinks*

07-08-09, 17:27
I bought a pint mug especially for my tea. Now I can have a gigantic cuppa when I really need one.

07-08-09, 17:27
The only tea I've ever drank is Green Tea and Japanese Tea.. that's about it.

Lovely read though. :tmb:

07-08-09, 17:32
I love tea!

Hmm, I like all sorts of tea, especially green tea and lemon-flavoured. Or strawberry :D. With a tiny bit of sugar, no milk. :tmb:

Thanks for the interesting facts!

Chocola teapot
07-08-09, 17:40
Thanks again guys! :tmb:
It's funny to see that A few people beleive that they would literally cease to function without their Daily tea,
It's nice to know that such a commodity, Water and a plant, Influence the lives of people so greatly. :)

07-08-09, 17:50
I used to drink any tea with milk and some sugar back when I was a child.

Now I mostly drink tea with just a little milk, except when I'm sick (can't keep milk down in my stomach then).

I've always liked tea. I usually drink a cup just before going to sleep and sometimes during the day when I feel like it. :) Green tea is my favourite.

07-08-09, 19:19
I can't live without tea, it’s like an addiction!
I drink about 3/4 cups a day, mostly green or Japanese tea. It is awesome! :D
I only really ever drink English tea if someone is making it. :)

07-08-09, 20:23
I quite like tea; it's not really something I need every day, but I enjoy drinking it. I drink only herbal tea, though, can't stand fruit. Red tea has to be my absolute favourite. :tmb:

07-08-09, 20:54
I drink tea more than I complain and rant, and that's saying something if you know me personally. Tea is definitely my favourite beverage of all time whether it be iced or hot, although I prefer the latter. I usually have just plain tea with a spoonful of sugar, considering the teacup I have it in is a small one, with a little extension on the saucer for biscuits. I'm fond of any kind of tea since I'm open to new things, but green tea and plain tea have to be my two favourites.

I'll photograph my teacup and saucer to show you all what I'm talking about. My mother bought it for me a few days after I started to enjoy tea more than anything else. I usually use nothing but that teacup and saucer, but if I'm in the mood for more than a cup of tea, I'll use one of the large mugs we use for hot chocolate round the holidays.

Changing the topic for a quick minute, on another forum I'm a member on, there's an ongoing poll about what people prefer more; coffee or tea. For the record, I absolutely cannot stand coffee unless it comes from Starbucks--and when I order it from there, it's usually an iced latte or something of that nature. Rarely do I ever have hot coffee unless it's flavoured specifically or like I said, is from Starbucks. I wonder how good tea would be if Starbucks brewed their own brands. A splendid idea, but Starbucks has always been strictly coffee. Oh well.

07-08-09, 20:55
I love Green Tea.

And to be honest I think we should bring back tea time!

07-08-09, 20:58
It honestly makes me want to move to England (that and for other reasons), having tea-time I mean. How amazing is it that in the UK, people actually take time to enjoy my favourite drink?

08-08-09, 11:07
I love tea! I drink it everyday. Pure black tea or green tea, no sugar, its richer that way. Sometimes I put a lime in black tea with some sugar--delicious. Ginger tea with some sugar is also good.

The savory hot liquid
The steamy wisps of heat
My soul dances as they swirl
And sit my mind on a comfy seat
Green as the grass
Or black as opaque glass
Even a slice of lime sometime
Tea, a rich treat
8-8-09. 7:05am

08-08-09, 11:13
I drink both tea and coffee. Depends on my mood really. Tea to calm me down and coffee to give me an energy boost. I drink at least two cups of coffee a day (mornings and afternoons around 3) and tea in the evening.

I absolutely love peppermint tea. Strong one that is :D
Two sugars and no milk/cream unless it's chamomile. And honey is a must..

08-08-09, 11:23
2 sweetners with mine

no milk as well

Laras shadow
08-08-09, 11:25
just milk or chamile tea with a hint of cinimon:D yum!

08-08-09, 11:26
I mostly enjoy pure cammomile tea, no sugar or anything, just pure tea, I like white tea to :)

08-08-09, 11:27
oh and

yeah any tea is fine for me expect maybe cherry tea and some others.

i like Jasmine Tea:)

Chocola teapot
08-08-09, 14:13
Apparently Lady gaga Likes Tea. (Ginger to be precise)



"I used to have tea at home with my mother every day, you see,”

How Interesting! But she's Ditching her Teacup!!

08-08-09, 17:07
i only do t-bagging

08-08-09, 17:11
I love tea. I don't have it often but its gotta have alot of milk and maybe a teaspoon or two of sugar.

People think that because I've been studying Japanese for so long, I should love everything related but I don't like Japanese tea, I really don't :vlol:

08-08-09, 17:12
Strong tea with only a squirt of milk :D

08-08-09, 17:23
I don't drink tea often but the most recent time I had it was a place called Anteaques in Edinburgh, where it's both a tea shop and an antiques store. I had something called Orange Blossom Oolong.

It was quite nice. But I was more interested in the scones with clotted cream and raspberry jam! :D

08-08-09, 17:56
I drink tea almost everyday, I got into it when I was weaning off coffee :D

I drink tea with (evaporated) milk when I eat out, at home/hostel the usual tea leaves/bag is enough for me. Sometimes I'd take camomile tea :)

Chocola teapot
09-08-09, 11:40
Too Much milk deffinately ruins the Tea, I have been experimenting with making the tea lately to find the perfect cuppa! :D

09-08-09, 11:43
Too Much milk deffinately ruins the Tea, I have been experimenting with making the tea lately to find the perfect cuppa! :D

the British Teas

Pommish breakfast:)
Earl Grey
Cinammon with Pear Juice and Paprika:o

Chocola teapot
09-08-09, 11:59
Earl Grey is an absolute classic, Lovely! :D

09-08-09, 12:08
I love tea (orange pekoe i think it is?) regular lipton or w.e. it is xD iced pleeeease :D, i've always loved chamomile too, whenever im sick or im up late watching a scary movie :)

Dennis's Mom
09-08-09, 13:34
Stash Tea rocks. (http://www.stashtea.com/)