View Full Version : Help!!! How do you guys beat these Tomb Raider games without a walkthrough?

07-08-09, 15:43
How please? I'm a total idiot when it comes to finding out what to do. The only TR i beat without a guide was legend and people say its easy.. help lol

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07-08-09, 15:46
Welcome aboard. :wve:

Which game are you stuck with?

07-08-09, 15:51
Well im playing 2 TR games ATM.

I've been playing Tomb raider 3 and I got really tired so I stopped at London. I beat India and Nevada already but it took me so long even with a walkthrough

I started Anniversary yesterday and I got stuck hoping it would be like Legend but its not. I find this game will probally be easier on Xbox then the PC

07-08-09, 15:54
I guess you're looking for general tips?
If so, then you'll find yourself improving much more with the classic TR games if you use Lara's assault course/gym at her mansion. Keep playing through those sections until you feel confident and in control of Lara's actions and that's half the battle won. You'll also need to treat everything you find as having a potential purpose within a level; that means scanning the surface for keys, looking out for levers and looking everywhere for pickups like ammo and medipacks which will be both in clear sight and tucked away in places you least expect. As for TRA and TRU, there's not really much method to it, just keep trying!

07-08-09, 15:54
*points in direction* (http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com/tombraideranniversary/walkthrough/index.html)

Just in case you need a little more help with TRA. ;)

07-08-09, 15:55
if you want to beat the game without a walkthrough then just keep pushing onwards - explore everything.

if you want a walkthrough try stellas walkthroughs. www.tombraiders.net. :)