View Full Version : How bigs your music collection?

Lara Lover
07-08-09, 23:54
List how many digital files you have, your physical discs/records too! :D

07-08-09, 23:57
I doubt you want me to list all 2k songs I have on iTunes, :p.

Lara Lover
07-08-09, 23:58
I doubt you want me to list all 2k songs I have on iTunes, :p.

No, lol. I ment to list how many songs, etc. ;)

07-08-09, 23:58
On my iPod and iTunes I have about 2500.

But, I would have a lot more if I put all of my CDs on the computer.

07-08-09, 23:59
3 huge Spotify playlists, and on my harddrive I have Lady Gaga's album and all those bonuses and extra tracks... yeah. :p Physical collection, I have a lot. Don't ask me how many. :p

07-08-09, 23:59
I have precisely 1609 songs on iTunes, about thirty CDs, and one audiobook :D.

08-08-09, 00:00
I have 784 songs on my iPod.

I just got it. Don't judge me! :ton:

But I have over 40 CDs easily. :o

Lee croft
08-08-09, 00:01
i only have 430 songs on i tunes :yik:

08-08-09, 00:01
My music folder is 15.3GB. :vlol: I listen to about 80% of it.

Although, I have 1549 songs on my iTunes.

08-08-09, 00:02
Huge. I have stuff from the 60s till now. My dad's collection. I have a lot of vinyl records too. Too bad I don't listen to it nowadays. I have over 10 GBs of music on my computer :)

08-08-09, 00:09
2,346 songs, totalling 9.26 Gigabytes.

da tomb raider!
08-08-09, 00:12
My music collection's massive. I've got about 5 CDs, which either contain classical music or music from various different video games. I don't use digital files.

08-08-09, 00:15
Jeffree Star is the leader of my music collection. Jeffree and Hayley Williams :D.

08-08-09, 00:22
2561 songs to be exact :p All my music is kept on my ipod. I don't have that many physical CDs.

08-08-09, 00:22
I've got 5719 songs. 14 days 43 minutes and 53 seconds or 28.32 gb. lol

08-08-09, 00:24
Whatever 124 GB totals in minutes or songs or whatever.

Croft, Lara
08-08-09, 00:27
486 iPod songs.

73 CD's.

112 vinyl.

I love the classics.

08-08-09, 00:27
{eith;3904347']Whatever 124 GB totals in minutes or songs or whatever.
Depends on the bitrate fool. It could be a small few of songs at high bitrate or a million at low bitrate. :p

08-08-09, 00:29
Depends on the bitrate fool. It could be a small few of songs at high bitrate or a million at low bitrate. :p

Stop talking computery type language! I don't know, there's a **** load of songs on a portable hard drive. I know there's an A to Z of band discographies and there's a **** load of bands in there.

08-08-09, 00:38
I've got 11407 music files in 386 folders, taking up 29.27GB.

08-08-09, 00:49
Roughly 9.17 gb ripped from CDs

08-08-09, 01:26
Around a GB. However much more of it is on CD. :)

08-08-09, 02:00
I have 9GB of music on my desktop, 7 on my laptop, easily about 250-300 cds. (A lot of them were/are my parents as well) and I have probably about 25 cassette tapes that I listen to in my car and on my walkman since my iPod died. We have about 20 or so vinyls and 7inches as well.

08-08-09, 09:51
18,7 GB gives me:
3412 tracks in playlist, average track length: 4:35
Playlist length: 260 hours 58 minutes 5 seconds

Here's the collection (http://files.noctifer.net/playlist.html).

08-08-09, 09:52
Well my 60GB ipod is just about full!:yik:

08-08-09, 09:52
about 200 songs on itunes and about 50 CDs lol

08-08-09, 10:35
1834 (10,8 GB) songs on my laptop, plus my collection of around 40 CDs. :D

08-08-09, 10:38
3135 tracks
180:07:38 in duration
17.2 gb in size

And that's what I have on my laptop. There's still few hundred cds and lps in the living room.

08-08-09, 10:40
30296 on my external hard drive (125 GB), about 270 on my PC (1,67 GB)

08-08-09, 10:41
I have 51 songs on my phone. I have a whole 1GB micro SD chip dedicated to just music. :)

Kelly Craftman
08-08-09, 10:46
Well my 60GB ipod is just about full!:yik:

Thats like the whole house collection of music! :eek:
i have 245 songs on my phone
34 CDs
24H 34M 2S on Spotify

08-08-09, 10:50
427 songs taking out 2.27 GB

Eddie Haskell
08-08-09, 12:29
I have just about digitized my entire collection (for safekeeping mostly) using a USB turntable. Although since I do not prefer synthesized (digital) music over the actual stuff, I still maintain my vinyl and the audiophile equipment to deliver it.

I do not even know how many digital songs I have really, they are spread out over a few hard drives and stored with redundancy on CD/DVD disks. But I estimate that I have at least a terabyte of music in total, how much over I do not know. Many are impossible to find 78's from the early days, and most are LP's that I had stored for many, many years.

Many of today's young people do not realize that digital music is synthesized music. If one listens to a pristine LP on a top notch turntable with a true audiophile system you will hear a major difference. And, the actual music produced.

08-08-09, 12:34
I've got 300 songs on mi iPod.

08-08-09, 13:48
I've got 415 songs, so 1.66 GB. :p

08-08-09, 13:57
I have almost 10 gig of music.

08-08-09, 14:07
Right now I have 65,7gb of music on my hard drive plus about a 100 cds lying around that I haven't archived onto my pc because I don't listen to them that much. :pi:

Legend 4ever
08-08-09, 14:30
3,621 songs on 13,5GB on my desktop and, and about 60 CDs.

Chocola teapot
08-08-09, 14:32
An avarage music collection! :p

08-08-09, 14:36
I have 40 GB of music on my PC, that includes practically all my CDs except the classical music ones (and there's quite a few of them).

08-08-09, 16:45
3564 Songs.

08-08-09, 16:46
A LOT of Rush, and then some :p

08-08-09, 16:52
2014 songs, 10.38 GB. Not counting my collection of instrumental music, which I haven't added to my iTunes yet. Then about 30-40 CDs. So it's a modest amount I suppose. Some of you guys here have massive collections! xD

08-08-09, 17:12
On my PC there are 2998 songs...although thats not all of it..
I got about 35 CD's;)

08-08-09, 17:21
i have only about 28 songs, on my PSP. i need to get some new music, but i cant find a comfortable free wifi hotspot near my house.

Big E
08-08-09, 18:17
I have 452 CDs, all of which I recently finished downloading to iTunes (including scanning in the cover art). The music is stored on my Time Machine backup drive and streamed through my iBook G4 to my stereo system. When I come home, I just hookup my laptop and, voila, it's like having my own personal DJ. All of my CDs, (which were ripped to Apple Lossless, not MP3, format) take up 128.32 GB. I've never downloaded a song from the internet.

Nerd For Life
08-08-09, 18:42
7,801 songs, more or less. 33,2 GB of music. :) Most of it it's The Cure, lol.

08-08-09, 18:55
about 1 TB I think. It's not that much for such a musical freak as me

08-08-09, 23:34
I have 341 songs on my iPod.

So far...

Shelby 427
08-08-09, 23:47
On my Ipwn i have 63 songs.
I feel so small.

08-08-09, 23:54
733 songs...

About 200 of that is random movie soundtracks and game tracks...