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08-08-09, 02:44
which level is the one where lara says...

im meant to be cold- and in relation to what??? i cant remember very well...

08-08-09, 02:57
Oh She says that at the end of Ghana, in the last Cinematic when shes on her Bike, I dont know why she says it and It doesnt really make that much sense to me.. ;)

08-08-09, 03:01
in ghana??...

oh... of course... when she is decides to go to nepal once again...

08-08-09, 03:09
Nope, on Ghana. But when she says she will go to Kazakhstan :)

08-08-09, 09:51
she says, "i'm mean to be cold". (from memory)
Turn the subtitles on :)

08-08-09, 10:56
she says, "i'm mean to be cold". (from memory)
Turn the subtitles on :)

im meanT to be cold

at least it says on my version of Legend and she says it too

08-08-09, 12:21
It's "I mean to be cold". It could be interpreted in many ways; I usually take it to mean that Lara is going to be cold - i.e. ruthless - in dealing with her enemies.

Super Badnik
08-08-09, 14:01
I always heard "I mean to be cold". I always liked that line:D

08-08-09, 14:33
It's when Alister/Zip tells her about Kazakhstan, and he says something like "Dress warm" and then she says "I mean to be cold."

Something along the lines of that.

She's just angry and wants to eff some people up, I guess. :p


I checked the video on YouTube. To the people saying it's meant, it isn't. It's "I mean to be cold." :)


08-08-09, 17:36
its defo 'mean'

i love that quote :ton: no badass in cd's game? whatever, this quote just shows.

08-08-09, 21:45
^ Yep too right. I love that line too.

13-08-09, 11:15
She said "I mean to be cold" definitely :p

13-08-09, 11:52
I mean to be cold..

She plans to be ruthless --in other words, is how I interpret it.