View Full Version : Crazy amazing piano skillz =O

09-08-09, 01:13
Okay well not exactly a piano, but if I said keyboard you'd all think I meant the computer kind xD
Check this out, this musician named Ronald Jenkees is a little "slow" socially, but he makes the most amazing sounding instrumental music! It's really amazing! Take a listen:

Edit: another good one!:

His songs are on iTunes, I just got a few of them :D

Alex Shepherd
09-08-09, 01:17
I am a piano player, really thanks for sharing, I liked them :D

Shelby 427
09-08-09, 01:19
Wow. I don't like that sort of music but thats amazing!

09-08-09, 01:24
@ Shelby, I'm not really a fan of that particular style either! But his music caught my attention and it's the only kind like that I've really enjoyed. :tmb:

Makes me want to try what he does (and I'm sure I'd fail miserably) lol :D

09-08-09, 01:24
That's nothing *kicks da jazzy beat*


Shelby 427
09-08-09, 01:26
How much are teh tunes on itunes?

09-08-09, 01:27
$0.99 (in the US, not sure what typical iTunes prices are anywhere else), I got three of his songs and I loved them all :D

Shelby 427
09-08-09, 01:30
Is the first song available?

09-08-09, 01:35
Itunes in England is 79p or 99p last time I looked.

This isn't my style of music, but I can tell he's really good.

09-08-09, 01:37
Is the first song available?
Yes, it's called "Disorganized Fun" :) It sounds a little different with the studio version, but I love it just as much though :)

Shelby 427
09-08-09, 01:38
Whats the guys name on youtube?

09-08-09, 01:41
Here's his official youtube page: http://www.youtube.com/user/ronaldjenkees :)

09-08-09, 02:37
I've been following Ronald Jenkees for a long time now. Shame he hasn't put anything new out for a while, but I love his work. :)

09-08-09, 03:27
^ He actually just released his second CD a week ago :D

09-08-09, 04:05
:yik: *picks up jaw from floor.

That was so COOOLLL!!! He doesn't just have talent, he's also got rhythm, and beat, and beautiful music.