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09-08-09, 01:52
Now, I love Shakira as much as the next guy for the obvious reasons, but am I the only person who doesn't understand why everyone loves this song? It makes no sense to me and it sounds like it was recorded 20 years ago. It seems everyone loves it, and I like a lot of music, but this song I just don't get or stand for that matter. Anyone agree?


09-08-09, 01:56

09-08-09, 01:56
I think there's a Shakira thread somewhere.. But yeah, I think the song is a bit odd. Though somehow, I still like it. I don't love it though, as the general sound of the song isn't really my style.

Edit: DaNnEe beat me to it xD

09-08-09, 01:57
I think it's bad.... the howling sound she does is SUPER cheesy.. And she looks ridiculously slutty in the video

09-08-09, 02:02
I didn't use the search engine xD. My bad. I just really hate thing song and wanted people to know :p.

Yeah I hate the howling.

09-08-09, 06:34
I absolutely despise this song. Everything about it. Ugh.

(plus like someone else said - she looks like a big hobag)