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09-08-09, 10:17
Hi guys :D

I am currently planing to buy something from Amazon. I have never bought anything from a shop like this one. So I need a little help from you.
Have you ever bought something from Amazon? Is it safe? Because my mum thinks, that it's a little risky to buy something from shops like this one. She doesn't like the "credit card" part.
I would like to know your opinions and experiences with this internet shop, either positive or negative, and what Amazon is the best one, it would be really helpful to me :)

Thanks alot

Mad Tony
09-08-09, 10:21
Amazon is completely safe. I've never understood why some people are hesitant of buying things off of Amazon. Some items are sold by Amazon themselves so you're buying directly from them. Other items however are sold through independent sources where Amazon just acts as the middle man. That's ok though, because all sellers on Amazon have a rating depending on the quality of their service. I can safely say that I've never had any problems using Amazon.

09-08-09, 10:22
I've bought rucks and rucks of stuff from Amazon, it's really fine. :)

09-08-09, 10:25
I have bought quite a few things from Amazon. My most recent buy off Amazon was GH: Greatest Hits and it only took 3 days to arrive.
I have even bought some things from the Marketplace sellers and have not had a single problem with any so far. I got TR2 off there for just 2! :D

09-08-09, 10:27
I've bought many things from Amazon over the years, I've never had a single problem. It's safe, and it rules. :tmb:

My own mother uses it as well. :p

Alex Fly
09-08-09, 10:32
You can trust Amazon. It's one of the most reliable websites to me. They never deceived me, they are really serious. :tmb:

09-08-09, 10:35
Yup, Amazon's fine and it's all safe. I generally don't buy from the other sellers though, I had some bad experience there with hidden transport fees. Amazon.com is usually the cheapest (compared to .de and .co.uk), but depending on the stuff you're buying you may need to use a European one because not everything can be shipped overseas.
It's totally safe to enter your credit card information. I would have liked it if they accepted PayPal as well, though, since I don't have a credit card myself...

09-08-09, 10:43
Amazon is like my favorite store to buy movies and stuff from. It's cheap and fast, and always on time, and always excellent quality.

09-08-09, 11:10
Like all the above people say, Amazon is fine, it is utterly safe and your credit card details are strictly confidential between you and them. The products are always good quality and the delivery is rather fast. Don't worry about it. :D

09-08-09, 11:26
I've bought some stuff from Amazon, and I think it's completely safe! My parents were worried about the credit card too, but I convised them!:D

09-08-09, 11:46
Hell, I'm in Portugal and even I have bought a lot of stuff from the british Amazon. Never had any problems whatsoever! It's actually my favourite place to buy pc games because they're a lot cheaper there.

09-08-09, 13:16
Amazon's great, just don't buy from one of their ''trusted sellers''. :rolleyes:

09-08-09, 13:17
I ordered a book, and it arrived :jmp:

09-08-09, 13:56
I have an Ebay account, but I never use it to buy anything, just sell things. Amazon is my prefered place because I trust it and items arrive on the dates that they say. My most recent buy was TMNT (game) for a solitary 1. Definitely worth the price. :p

09-08-09, 14:03
Thank you all for your comments :D Now my mum is nearly convinced :)
And I can't wait to buy some cheap CDs with my favourite music :jmp:

09-08-09, 14:08
I remember that some Estonian bank lets you create a virtual credit card online. You can just order a valid number and security code, use it once to buy what you want, and throw it away if you don't trust the site. That is a great feature. I don't know of any other bank that does this, though.

09-08-09, 14:31
I buy from Amazon fairly often, and it's always a pleasant experience. Lately though it's been mostly Amazon MP3 purchases.

09-08-09, 14:56
I don't buy anything from Amazon any more, but that was because of the poor service, not because its insecure. Its perfectly safe.

09-08-09, 14:58
The service is perfectly fine for me. I have ordered many things from there and it's been delivered quickly and in good condition. :) I really reccomend it.

09-08-09, 15:00
I've ordered from various online sites things and all arrived in a good time and mint condition, like a data cable, VGA adapter, phone (xperia x1), cover for my phone etc. :)