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10-08-09, 18:45
I'm sure there's one out there. It was used instead of the Uzis in "TRSearch HQ: Emergency!"
Oh, an MP5k is this:

10-08-09, 18:49
I never seen anything like that on trsearch.org... but maybe it's there? I don't know...

10-08-09, 18:50
Unfortunately, it's not... unless someone could remake it, I suppose.

10-08-09, 18:51
Unfortunately, it's not... unless someone could remake it, I suppose.

If only I knew how to make objects... I'd help you... but I'm sure someone will. ;)

10-08-09, 19:34
I saw that one beofer! Its on TRSearch and it is used on ggctuk's TRUB Remake:)

10-08-09, 20:36
I though Po Yu included one in his TR3 london outfit remake, didn't he? :confused:

10-08-09, 22:25
Actually, I believe if you check out Silent Viper's gun packs on TRSearch, you'll find it. I recently looked at his collection and that weapon seems very very similar!

Edit: I found the set for you. They're in the uzis slot in wad 1.

10-08-09, 23:06
there was some someone used in adventures in crazy land

11-08-09, 00:27
there was a thread floating around for requests for new guns, maybe you could find one there, or at least someone to make one for you:)

if not, why don't you try retexturing the currently available uzis, they wouldn't take to much modifications either to get them to look like that model:)

!Lara Croft!
11-08-09, 00:37
...It was used instead of the Uzis in "TRSearch HQ: Emergency!"...

Than why dont you just rip it from TRSearch HQ emergency?

11-08-09, 01:29
because ripping is bad

and (s)he wants an MP5k not an MP5-SD6(from tr3)

it should be on trsearch, if you look hard enough :)

11-08-09, 01:46
Its on TRsearcg, but its in the pistol slot.