View Full Version : I'm getting back into the tattoo biz.

Lara's Fan
11-08-09, 01:24
Gonna start work at the Black Orchid Tattoo and i'm really excited about it. Thanks to my g/f for giving me the inspiration to go back to what i love to do.

11-08-09, 01:25
Awesome...feel free to show us your designs :)

11-08-09, 01:27
wasnt black orchid a character from killer instinct? :vlol: thats really cool, especially because it makes money, and im not very artistic :p but yeah, id like to see some designs n such :D

11-08-09, 01:27
yes please:)

and sounds exciting:)

11-08-09, 01:29
Great to hear. I should fly out to your location so you could ink me up, :)!

Lara's Fan
11-08-09, 01:31
i'll post some designs shortly.;)