View Full Version : I Know Your On My Bebo.

in these arms
11-08-09, 09:07
This morning I went on Bebo to respond to a few people and so forth. Then I usually check out the "Friend's Friend's" page and add a few people I know, but their is one person's page that I keep coming back to, checking it out and think if I should add this person or not. But this morning, their was an app on that page saying "I know your on my bebo" and my Bebo profile pic under it!

I got so scared I'm practically shaking, how did this person do that? Why? WHat can I do? This person would probably get the wrong idea.

Croft, Lara
11-08-09, 09:08
I'd report them to bebo. Sounds a bit weird if you ask me...

11-08-09, 09:13
There is a certain chance that this is just a joke meant to upset people, you know...

11-08-09, 09:14
Id say its one of those mirror things, theres an application for forums, that people put in there avatars, which shows your IP address. They cant see it, the application reads it from the signals your sending to the server or somthing.

I bet if you make a new account right now and logged on, with a profile pic of kermit the frog, you'll see that app on there site with kermit to.

11-08-09, 09:15
I don't use bebo... But if you ever got this problem again the most reasonale thing is to disable your account.

11-08-09, 09:38
You do not have to disable accounts for stuff like this, it most probably is what Goose explained.

No harm in it, just a (lame) joke.

Lara Fan 4Life
11-08-09, 10:56
It's a new application that Bebo has added. If someone visits your page, than their profile picture will come up on the application saying they visited the page. :tmb: Nothing to be scared of, but it is kind of freaky if you didn't know about it.

11-08-09, 10:57
LOL. Guillable.

Lee croft
11-08-09, 11:28
i deleted my bebo ages ago random girls and guys kept adding me and plus i just got sick of it :pi:

in these arms
11-08-09, 14:49
LOL. Guillable.

Lol. I thought it was to scare me away from their page :p and it bloody well worked too :p

11-08-09, 15:31
Pfft, who uses bebo? :pi:

Nitro Typhoon
11-08-09, 15:38
Pfft, who uses bebo? :pi:

Lots of people actually.

Yeah, something similar recently happened to me too. It took me a while to realise it just shows the own person's profile pic back to them to creep them out :p