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12-08-09, 12:50
What music are you listening to that most tells "your story"? Do you think you choose music more for how the words reflect who you are? Maybe you like the sound of a band or singer, but certain songs hit you so deep, you feel they are your favorites because they are so relevant to you and your own situation, like the writer was telling your story.

What songs?

12-08-09, 13:12
I think I might have an unusual musical decision making process. I choose music that gives me a feeling inside, and if you were to ask me the lyrics of anything I listen to I'd be surprised if I actually remembered any of them. I never sing along, or really pay attention to the words themselves, but the sound as a whole. That being said, I can't imagine how any music would fit the story of my life. I never find myself to "relate" to a band, singer, or song.

12-08-09, 13:18
I don't think that's so unusual, I've had a few other people tell me something like that. It's just like social scientists and "the establishment" to over think what popular music says about the fans, but then you have those patriotic country songs, and anti-establishment protest hip-hop and you wonder, and think it must be relevant. But it mostly comes down to sex, love, loneliness, pain, alienation.. So curious, what's your favorite song, then??

12-08-09, 13:21
Myrmaad, there was a thread a while ago from which you might be able to gather some information in the time it takes members to answer your questions a bit more in detail.

12-08-09, 13:22
Awesome, thanks Gabi!

12-08-09, 18:22
Here's another related thread (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=147358).

I listen to very different genres of music, and sometimes I pick one just because that's what I apparently feel like at the moment (without thinking about why - if there even is an answer to that), sometimes it's a more conscious decision: I may put on something harsh if I'm agitated, something sad/peaceful when relaxed or something happy when I need cheering up. Most of the time though... I flip through my playlist until there's something I like, could be anything, or I just play whatever's in my head at the time.

12-08-09, 19:18
I rarely personally identify with lyrics in the music I listen to. Music is a visceral, transitory experience to me. I listen to music to be taken somewhere else, and to connect with my own inner energy and emotions. Lyrics are secondary, often unimportant, and sometimes distracting.

I listen mostly either to metal, classic music, film scores, musicals, folk music, and weird ambient or avant garde stuff. I hate rap, and most pop and/or easy listening. All of these genres are lyric driven, but (in my opinion) boring musically.

Occasionally, Blind Guardian's lyrics feel like they are telling my story, though, specifically the album Imaginations From The Other Side.