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12-08-09, 21:09
Hello there :wve: I'm sorry if there's already a thread with this topic but in the search I couldn't find one.
So I'm looking for a special object in fact a ladder for the ceiling so for a monkeyswing like in the "Himalayan Mysteries Icy Waters" level in the cave near the crashed plane.
Would be great if someone has such an object, I really need it. :)

Thank you in anticipation

12-08-09, 21:21
Umm.. I dont know, Why not search in www.trsearch.org? Or even www.laraslevelbase.org?

12-08-09, 21:28
Well I already did but I couldn't find such an object there as well. :(

12-08-09, 21:29
Oh.. Umm... Why not ask Titak?

12-08-09, 21:29
Why not ask Titak if you can use the one she made for Himalayan Mysteries? :)

Edit: lol, too late

12-08-09, 21:34
Oh, good idea :D I will do, thanks :)

12-08-09, 21:48
Titak's really nice. If she doesn't lend the object to you it's probably for a good reason. :)

12-08-09, 22:02
I already answered your PM, Charlotte. :D