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14-08-09, 03:06
Is the setha slot killable?
If not what is the max health an enemy can have ill make him killable :o.

14-08-09, 03:14
With TRNG you can make it killable :D
about the health, I really don't know.... :(

14-08-09, 03:17
I Figured the TRNG part out. Now to make him killable :o.

14-08-09, 03:21
To it be killable, it must have a death animation or you can explode it (so the death animation isn't necessary)
but I really don't know how to add it to the SETHA.... sorry for this :o

14-08-09, 05:33
He has no Death Animation (ARGH!!)
I want him to fall down on his knees...put his hands up then explode. Theres a flag that makes him explode after death but making the animation is not my strong point :o.
I guess if i want something done i gotta work for it...
by the way...how would i get him to actually use the death anim...?

14-08-09, 09:51
He has no Death Animation (ARGH!!)

You can make it exploding after be killed. If Im right.

14-08-09, 10:16
You can make this killable, I actually asked about it the the Open TRNG chat thread. Just add "NEF_SET_AS_MORTAL" to the "Enemy=" command.

If there's no death animation then put "NEF_SET_AS_MORTAL + NEF_EXPLODE"

Here's what I did:


Thanks to help from Titak. :)
The "400" is just the enemy HP. Change that to "IGNORE" if you want to keep its default HP.

God Horus
14-08-09, 15:18
Yup that line will work perfect in your script! :) I used it and it works fine.

But I don't know why everyone uses the Setha slot, other slots work just as well :D Except if you run out of slots the Setha slot may be your only other slot.

14-08-09, 15:55
Because if lara fights seth, then i reather it be in the right slot...
Im already using that line (differant haelth though.) I got it working thanks for the help.