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14-08-09, 14:54
Anyone ever play a game called Fat Slice. I found it not too long ago and it's incredibly addictive :D
I'm up to the dino level which I think is a trick one as it is very hard to complete :(
If a mod disagrees with this post somehow, sorry and feel free to delete or anything :o :)

14-08-09, 15:35
Thats a pretty cool game - good find.

14-08-09, 15:39
Thanks :) Where did you get up to?

14-08-09, 16:04
Pretty good but aggravating after awhile. I got up to Level 11, the green one that said 'Wouldn't this be so much easier without the obstacles?' before I failed six times and gave up. I was one slice away from finishing it and the stupid ball hit my slice.

14-08-09, 17:13
I really like it :)
Took me a while to figure out what to do xD

14-08-09, 17:16
This game is infuriatingly addictive. I can't get past the 'Wouldn't this be so much easier without the obstacles?' I'm gonna persevere though :p

14-08-09, 17:47
Hard game :P Can't get pass the orange one saying "The force is strong with this one"

14-08-09, 19:38
Good game, thanks :tmb:

14-08-09, 19:43
urgh,I can't get past the spider one!!!

14-08-09, 19:49
It's really fun and addicting. Though I'm currently considering giving up on the dinosaur one - it gets really frustrating. :)

14-08-09, 22:34
It is a good thing T-rexes are extinct. I would throttle that one! :mad:

I can't do it. I got the bar right down to a sliver above the flag, then died. :(
Haven't got so close again.
It is damned near impossible. :hea:

I give up on the T-rex!
It was fun up to there, though.

Went back to it like a sucker. :p

I beat the T-rex!!!

The picture evidence, of the final screen; click on the link at your own discretion. ;)

14-08-09, 23:02
weeeeeee i did it all! :p