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14-08-09, 16:41
Does anyone know how to work with an enemy that is in the sphinx slot? Like in TR4 when it hits the wall and activates things. I haven't found any tutorial about this.

Any help is appreciated:)

14-08-09, 17:07
Is that the bull thing? I think I've only seen two versions of that, the one from TR4 and a white one (for a snow level I think). Not sure if it hit the wall in that level though. Sorry I'm not much help! lol

Edit: here's two things in the Sphinx slot, maybe a readme that comes with these files and will explain how to use it? http://www.trsearch.org/Items/998 and http://www.trsearch.org/Items/2263

14-08-09, 17:14
Yes, the bull one:)
I've seen the TR4 one only, and I have no idea how it works :S

I've downloaded the files but no readmes:( Thank you anyway:)

14-08-09, 17:31
Maybe there is a special object that needs to be put in to attract it?

I have no idea other than that, sorry

14-08-09, 18:12
Yes:) And I think it needs special triggers setup too...

14-08-09, 18:15
Try here: http://www.trle-community.net/viewtopic.php?t=14048 They explain some stuff about setting up the Sphinx. Sounds hard!

14-08-09, 18:37
Woah, it sounds really hard:eek:
Thank you very much!:)

14-08-09, 19:20
Thanks shauni, i'm using the TR4 bull aswell and didn't know theres was a setup or something that it could ram into :yik: Thanks :) :hug: