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14-08-09, 22:56
I'm being a fan since childhood, I don't know why it's appeal to me. So is there any BTTF Fans out there? Discuss away...




14-08-09, 22:58
I've only seen the first film (I think it was the first film, anyway) and loved it.

14-08-09, 22:59
Amaaaazing! MY fav is part two.. I love the future there :yik:

14-08-09, 22:59
Back to the Future is one of my favorite trilogys.
It's something I could never get sick of!


14-08-09, 23:02
Got the trilogy on DVD as a six disc set. :D

I loved the first film, the second was just as good, but sadly the third was a bit silly. I mean silly even for a BTTF film. It was okay, but had lost some of that 'sparkle' the other two had. Michael J Fox was perfect and Christopher Lloyd hilarious.

14-08-09, 23:05
I like Back to the Future with Christopher lloyd. But the sad news was i wasn't even born when the last film played in theaters. :( It was few months before i was born.

14-08-09, 23:07
:D :D Of corse im a fan!
My fave film.
The 2nd is the best :)
"Where were going we dont need roads" :ton:

Lara's Nemesis
14-08-09, 23:27
The 1st film is my favourite of the series. I always loved Christopher Lloyd's character.

"Great Scott!":D

14-08-09, 23:35
I always remember being dissapointed when my dad bought a VW Golf, because I was secretly hoping for him to get a Delorean. :D

Anyway.. good movies, and many memories... 3rd was dissapointing though.

15-08-09, 06:38
Yes, a BTTF thread!!! the BTTF trilogy is full of win! the first two are my favorites, and part 1 is no doubt about it, a true timeless classic. Man, I wanted that DeLorean sooo badly! I dunno how many draws I did of it, and always dreamed about having one (I still want it!). In a coolest car contest, that car would always win (Sorry Kitt, back off! :D)

When I saw the first movie I got so hyped that it ignited my fascination with science, literally. If films like Saturn 3 or Aliens were the 'spark' to my interest in general science, computers, biology and astronomy, BTTF was THE fuel to phisycs, technology, Nike shoes and skateboards :D Btw, Marty's jacket rocks!! xD

What can I say? I just LOVE the three movies, they have a great cast, story, music, everything! But for me the first BTTF movie is perfect, it has it all and then some more. I'll always be thankful to the people involved on these movies, for all the fun and magic of my childhood. Thanks a LOT guys! and thanks to the OP for this awesome thread :hug:

15-08-09, 07:18
I love Back to the Future! It's one of my favourite trilogies of all time!

It's a trilogy that's completely made of epic win and awesome. Can't really put it any better. xD

15-08-09, 07:20
When I saw the title [before the Trilogy Thread part] I thought, "Oh no not a remake!" :p Good thread, love all three of the movies!

Agent Dee
15-08-09, 07:30
ahh a BTTF thread :jmp: BTTF is my all time favorite movie, it was the first film i saw in a theater by myself i was 10 years old at the time. I have a pretty HUGE collection of BTTF stuff just a sample:

I have all 3 soundtracks on CD and they are still in mint condition 19 years later
I have all three movies on DVD
I have 3 1/24 scale 'Delorean' die cast time machines one for each film (I,II, and III)
a snap together Delorean time machine with 'stainless steel' plating on the body shell just like the real car :jmp:
I have a special 'mail away' set of Delorean time machine models each kit can be built as the part 1 car (with nuclear bit and pole hook which is removable) part II with 'mr fusion' and a lever you slide on the bottom that makes the wheels fold down for 'flight mode' :yah: and the part III version with train wheels, railroad base and hood mounted 'time circuits' I also have a japan part III kit with the 50s' white wall tires and a Marty figure that you have to paint.
Paperback novelizations of all 3 films
a rare BTTF Trilogy book that covers all 3 films it was sold at universal studios florida in the USA as a hard cover and in the UK as a soft cover (i have the UK version)

I will have to show pics some day of my collection ;).

15-08-09, 10:04
I will have to show pics some day of my collection ;). speaking of collection, here some of mine.





15-08-09, 10:41
Omg i love them!

I watched the first one & got hooked! x

15-08-09, 11:26
I have the 4-Disc Ultimate Edition as shown in that last screenshot.

Great films. :)

Nerd For Life
15-08-09, 12:41
I absolutely LOVE Back To The Future! They're my favourite movie series, other than HP, lol.

15-08-09, 13:10
Here a animation I done a while back. Enjoy


Dennis's Mom
15-08-09, 14:31
These movies are great fun. I loved them all.

15-08-09, 14:33
I used to watch them on TV all the time, I wonder if they'll ever remake tghem or make another one.. that would be awesome. :pi:

18-09-09, 20:58
A Music Video I editing at the moment, it not done yet. Enjoy


19-09-09, 17:43
Yep, one of my favourite trilogies too:tmb:

I like them all but I think I like the second one the least; not sure why:confused: I also like the song from the third one, I'm a bit of a ZZTop fan:D:


I like the DeLorean but then again I wouldn't mind a steam engine like the one in the last film. After Doc Brown's improvements that is.;)


19-09-09, 18:10
Ahh I love this trilogy :D Great set of movies!

Agent Dee
19-09-09, 21:52
VERY nice BTTF trilogy tribute done to The Streets Have No Name by U2 :jmp:


i removed the video cause they had your gonna see some serious s*** line :(.

19-09-09, 21:56
I absolutely adore the Back to the Future trilogy. :tmb:

I have always attested that Michael J. Fox is actually the love of my life. I watch him in these films and melt. I was born in the wrong decade. :(