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15-08-09, 07:37
Ok so I discovered this thing online where you could get autographed celebrity pictures for free. You just send an e-mail to the specified address with your home address in it. And within 2 months you recieve an autographed picture of the celebrity. 3 of my friends did it a while ago and got theirs today!!! The autographs arent personalized, and they're pre-printed but they're totally legit :D I sent one to Jennifer Garner today and Im eagerly awaiting!!! Here are the list of celebs/tv shows. Some may not work as they haven't been updated in a while but here they are :jmp::

K Im posting from my ps3 and cant fit the addresses in in less then 13 posts so here's a link:


15-08-09, 07:42
If i could get tokio hotel's and ashley greene's id absolutely die :jmp:

15-08-09, 07:47
OMG, WOW!!! I so want one now! Instant bookmark :cln:

15-08-09, 09:13
Wow...that's totally awesome!!!!:eek:
Thanks for sharing!:jmp: