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16-08-09, 06:11
Hey all,
I was browsing the web today for Milla Jovovich's upcoming film, The Fourth Kind which talks about a Psychotherapist in Nome, Alaska where she investigates several cases concerning various disappearances the last forty years, She uses hypnoses to examine their cases to find them behave in a totally disturbing way, and Milla Jovovich herself claims that there'll be never-before-seen real footage of such cases and this case is called "Alien Abduction".

I was really shocked to read the ideas of the movie and that they're something that DID happen in real life not just some fiction, and it's Medically, psychologically and Physically Real, I searched the web for Alien Abduction reports and found this on Wikipedia.Org : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alien_abductions

As you read the page you'll notice many notable titles and explanations, some report the transition from reality to the Altered State Of Consciousness, while being in the same room or place seeing humanoid creatures coming from the distance or from lights, or maybe driving a car which suddenly stops for apparent mechanical reason or even the radio behaves abnormally producing Static.

This suddenly took my mind to Silent Hill specially when other explanations shown that other people relate this to Witchcraft and Demonic Creatures, so what do you think ?

Here's the IMPORTANT Section :

Abduction claimants report unusual feelings preceding the onset of an abduction experience.[22] These feelings manifest as a compulsive desire to be at a certain place at a certain time or as expectations that something "familiar yet unknown," will soon occur.[22] Abductees also report feeling severe, undirected anxiety at this point even though nothing unusual has actually occurred yet.[22] This period of foreboding can last for up to several days before the abduction actually takes place or be completely absent.[22]
Eventually, the experiencer will undergo an apparent "shift" into an altered state of consciousness.[22] British abduction researchers have called this change in consciousness "the Oz Factor." External sounds cease to have any significance to the experiencer and fall out of perception.[22] They report feeling introspective and unusually calm.[22] This stage marks a transition from normal activity to a state of "limited self-willed mobility."[22] As consciousness shifts one or more lights are alleged to appear, occasionally accompanied by a strange mist.[22] The source and nature of the lights differ by report, sometimes the light emanates from a source outside the house (presumably the abductors' UFO), sometimes the lights are in the bedroom with the experiencer and transform into alien figures.[22]
As the alleged abduction proceeds, claimants say they will walk or be levitated into an alien craft, often through solid objects like walls or a window.[22] Alternatively, they may experience rising through a tunnel with or without the abductors accompanying them into the awaiting craft.[22]
Most abductees report being taken from their bedroom prior to falling asleep.[citation needed] Typically, at the onset of the abduction experience, the abductee will report paralysis, sighting a bright light, and the appearance of humanoid figures.
In many abduction reports, the individual(s) concerned are traveling by automobile at the time of the incident, usually at night or in the early morning hours, and usually in a rural or sparsely populated area. A UFO will be seen ahead, (sometimes on the road) and the driver will either deliberately stop to investigate, or the car will stop due to apparent mechanical failure. Other forms of mechanical failure and interference are also common, such as a car radio producing static or behaving abnormally. In the occasions when they have been present, animals such as dogs usually also display a heightened fear response.
Upon getting out of the vehicle, the driver and passenger(s) often will experience a blank period and amnesia (see missing time), after which they will find themselves again standing in front of, or driving their car. While they frequently will not consciously remember the experience, either subsequent nightmares or hypnosis will reveal events interpreted as having occurred during the period lacking explicit memory

Alex Shepherd
16-08-09, 16:58
It's nothing to do with Silent Hill I guess unless you're talking about the UFO endings.

But thanks :D

31-10-09, 19:57
Well the fact that people hear radio static and suddenly be taken somewhere else in other time and space, and return in the same place u were as if you've been gone for a second, and nothing actually happened that really is close to SH, specially when some people explained it as either witchcraft or demonic hauntings ... ;)