View Full Version : Can't see somethings in my TRLE folder

16-08-09, 17:08
Hi i put all my saves in my TRLE folder. (like the PRJ saves from the LE) and i have at least 30 in there and i want to delete or move them so im not overloading my TRLE folder. but when i open the folder they arent there. But if i load them on the TRLE they are all there.
The only thing that shows up is the folders and things like, objects.h, binkw32.dll, just those things and the LE and the Tomb4.exe...
I also can't save my game and i think that maybe i wont save because i have to much in my le folder.
Does anyone know how i can delete those saves please :o.

17-08-09, 00:24
It's not how much you have in the trle folder. You can have ALOT.
When you are in the editor and save the project, check the save window and see the exact folder path where they are being saved.
The problem with save games is probably permissions. It epends on where you install the LE, what permissions are granted, and how you run the exe.

17-08-09, 01:50
i always put it in the program files.
Ill check thanks.
EDIT: Just checked. I've been saving them in my TRLE folder at program files and i just went there (and refreshed the folder) and they aren't there :o...

17-08-09, 06:21
It's best to install trle in your Documents folder instead of Program Files. It will solve your permission problems as well as "missing" files that are really there (you just don't have permission to see them).

Or you can try to get the permissions right for the trle folder and all subfolders. Make sure everyone has total access. Also make sure there are no permission entries that take away permissions (I've seen that on vista).
Also make sure all trle executables have true administrator privelege. Right click and select "Run As" and make them run as administrator.

You still might not be able to see existing save games, but new ones should work OK.