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19-08-09, 23:47

Maybe if sky1 stopped showing endless repeats of road wars and other shows like it and had extensively promoted gladiators then it may have been more of a success

It annoys me that the new version of gladiators has been cancelled the official reason for the cancellation is due to declining numbers in viewers

There is one thing i won't miss about gladiators and that is some of the new gladiators that were added in series 2 particularly doom goliath and warrior

there is a campaign to save the show there is a link to the official site in the above link

The idiots at sky1 are so :cen:dumb scrap the endless repeats of shows that are several years old and save something new

Lara's Nemesis
19-08-09, 23:50
No offence but I thought Gladiators was awful. Can't believe they brought it back.

20-08-09, 10:36
i thought it got old quickly, i'm not surprised it got axed, the gladiators' acting was embarrassing!

20-08-09, 10:37
It was novel and fun when it first came about, but it's gone stale now tbh. Wipeout is better. :)

20-08-09, 10:39
Mmm. I think it would have been better just bringing it back for a like a celebration of the original series- not a whole full length series. i watched a few, but it got boring.

20-08-09, 10:41
The original was on TV when I was young, I used to love it. I didnt even bother with it this time around. It just seems like a lame way to spend the little amount of time I do spend infront of the TV.

Jack Croft
20-08-09, 11:05
No offence but I thought Gladiators was awful. Can't believe they brought it back.

Gladiators is ****. Well Sky1 version was.