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20-08-09, 02:09
How do i get the mapper to open a door?
I've tried heavy triggers, switch triggers, heavyswitch triggers, i dont know what to do :S

20-08-09, 10:02
Have you checked the project it was originally used in?
(I forgot which one... :o)

20-08-09, 13:41
Guardian of semerket, No i can't find the tga and PRj files :o

20-08-09, 13:54
The levelbase has them wads, guardian of semerkhet : http://laraslevelbase.org/stuff/index.asp?id=604

I don't know if you need to be a registered member (for free) to download stuff from there, for levels it is required but maybe not for objects, wads and so on. Don't know.

Generally, when you are at the levelbase start page, to find objects, wads and so on click on "Levelbase Stuff" in the "quick links" box on the left side.

20-08-09, 13:58
thats where i got the mapper. I just needs the TGA and the PRJ file so i can look at it.

20-08-09, 14:18
Do you mean the animated mapper (like a spider) or do you mean the nullmesh that is part of the beetle puzzle? They are both called mapper if I remember correctly.

If it is the animated object you are refering too, it can't do anything except doing its animation. At least that's what I found out when I used it in one of my E&B2 levels. I had to use a flyby that triggered things while it animated etc.

20-08-09, 14:22
Yeah they both are, its not the nullmesh.
I found out that they used an animating object that was animated to a perfect time where once the mapper hit the animating object it opened.
But that doesnt help me any :(.
I can't set the door so it waits 18 seconds after being triggered to open can i?

20-08-09, 16:31
set the trigger timer of the door to a minus value... i think that would do the trick. tho you can't make it timed anymore.

20-08-09, 18:23
EDIT: Nope it didnt work :(.
Maybe if i put the door into an animated slot? and had the animation timed...:o...

20-08-09, 18:49
Put a rolling ball on slopes..a long one even with doors on to slow down the boulder(which can be triggered by other balls) and a trigger for the 18 sec door at the bottom. I did a similar thing in one of my levels. It can be done differently in TRNG though: Raymond knows how :)

20-08-09, 20:10
thats where i got the mapper. I just needs the TGA and the PRJ file so i can look at it.
Skribblerz has the Wad, textures and maps (.prj files) for that level - see here (http://www.skribblerz.com/resources.htm). Though it's possible that they just ripped the .prj file from the level using TR2Prj.

20-08-09, 21:36
Thank you so much MYTLY Ill check that out :hug: