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tlr online
13-10-03, 23:05
The summer monsoon season turned India's Rann of Kutch from a salt clay desert into a salt marsh that covers a significant portion of the 10,000 square mile region, as shown in this true-color Terra MODIS image from October 4, 2003. The marsh appears as a blue-green body of water on the border of southern Pakistan, due east of the Indus delta mouth. Compared to the dry season, the difference is stunning.

This region is the only place left in Asia where wild asses roam freely; the patches of high ground in this image are a haven during the wet season. The wet season also brings a bloom of vegetation to the desert, which during the dry season is confined to areas with a constant supply of water, such as the Indus River in Pakistan.


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13-10-03, 23:12
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