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22-08-09, 21:49
I was thinking of making a little soundpack (Oh the results of being bored... :vlol:) and I wonder, is there any guide to making them? Not making the sounds but adjusting the pitch and filetype, and all that.

I also wonder how I'm supposed to so precisely edit the .wav file, because the Vista recorder thingy doesn't have those options AFAIK...

22-08-09, 22:04
I'm using Audacity for editing audio (including SFX samples). It is available for free (legally) somewhere on the internet.

It does not export them into the correct TRLE WAV format though. So you will also have to use something like Cool96 to convert to the proper sample WAV format. :)

22-08-09, 22:35
Ah, I have Audacity. :tmb: But I was talking about the pitch ingame. The sounds can mess up and stuff if you don't edit the SFX script thingy properly, I was looking for some kinda guidance with that. :vlol:

Cool96, okay. :)

EDIT: Fk, I forgot to mention I run a 64-bit version of Vista. I tried to install Cool96 right now and it told me it wasn't compatible seeing as it is a 32-bit installer... how the hell that now works.

22-08-09, 23:14
You'll have to edit the sounds.txt then.
I use Screamer for that these days. Easier to use I think.

Btw, I made a sound/audio tutorial a long time ago.
It is in the tutorials section. :D

23-08-09, 10:27
Screamer, right, I recognize that. *Goes to DL, that can't be a 32-bit only thingy, can it? :whi:*

I'll check it out. :D

23-08-09, 12:17
Possibly just 32 bit since it is a rather old program by now.

23-08-09, 12:26
But I'm only doing sounds like pistol shots and all that, that might not require so much editing. :)

BTW, does Lara have different sounds for un/holstering a shotgun and un/holstering her pistols? I can't remember. :confused:

23-08-09, 12:35
I don't know either... :o
They sound a lot alike to me, so it might be the same.