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23-08-09, 08:58
Who really is Lara Croft? I know she is an amazing character, who I see as a mysterious and iconic woman. But who is Lara Croft really?

And what do you see her as?

A gun toting bad ass woman that would kick everyones ass, even a homeless guy?

A smart and sophisticated woman with a heart of gold, but has a dangerous side that you really do not want to get on?

A normal woman just doing her job and trying to survive in the world?

A woman that would break all your limbs just for taking her BROCCOLI COCONUT HOTDOG? (:p)

How do you see her? What is she to you?

Discuss. :)

23-08-09, 09:03
Lara has been changed so much idk who she is...

My version of real life Lara is Angelina.

Tough and can kick ass. But is also sweet and a humanitarian. Oh yea and gorgeous with big lips and eyes. And smart...

Edit: Ok if I were to really think about who Lara is to me... I'd say she is an intelligent woman who has had to survive through alot. She's dedicated her life to tomb raiding because I think she has issues with the past. Holding an artifact in her hands I think is like her having a piece of the past and she has a subconscious motivation to want to have the past in her hands... Meaning her parents death and wanting them back. If she were psychoanalyzed in a therapy session I think this would come up. She doesn't trust people because she has had to survive all on her own her whole life. Because of this she never settles down or gets into relationships. She tries to repress her emotional side although she does have a good heart. She doesn't like to feel vulnerable and is a control freak. Her ultimate goal in my opinion is to solve the mysteries of religions because she is curious as to why she is on earth and why her parents had to die and if there is an afterlife.... that's why she's so intrigued by supernatural artifacts. She could have gone to school to become an archaeologist but she doesn't like authority and could not stand being an inferior student in a classroom. So she learned everything on her own...

23-08-09, 10:07
Me :pi:

23-08-09, 10:13
Me :pi:


23-08-09, 14:55
This is Lara Croft. ;) http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=129036

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23-08-09, 16:17
A woman that would break all your limbs just for taking her BROCCOLI COCONUT HOTDOG? (:p)

I think you have hit upon the central theme of the Lara Croft character. :D

23-08-09, 16:19
Quote from Uncyclopedia:
In 2005, Lara decided to split into two different people to give more people a chance to nail her: old Lara Croft and new Lara Croft. Old Lara Croft is a cold-hearted, bloodthristy, selfish and witty person who loves bondage and everything kinky. New Lara Croft is a whining cry-baby who believes in the traditional values of life and has actually never had sex before.Pretty much sums it up. (I hope the sex ref is ok for GC talk :p)

A woman that would break all your limbs just for taking her BROCCOLI COCONUT HOTDOG? (:p)
Hmm I wonder where that comes from? :p

23-08-09, 16:19
A murderous ***** with double D's.

23-08-09, 16:23
Shes a video game character.

23-08-09, 16:24
Your mummy dearest. :whi:

Romantics Inc.
23-08-09, 16:32
Lara Croft is a strong woman that gets what she wants and will stop at nothing to get it! Obviously...but CD changed her into some whiney complaining mommy rescuer (*cough* she could have just accepted that her mom was dead and moved on like eveyone else) ugh..

23-08-09, 17:18
for me Lara Croft is PERFECT. Yes, the way she is now, in Underworld, Legend, Anniversary. This Lara I expected. Strong, but still womanly. She is brave and she removes everything that's on her way. Like everyone said: Man wants to be with her, female wants to be her.

23-08-09, 17:27
To me, she means nothing. She just happens to be the main character in a game I used to really like.

23-08-09, 17:35
To me, she means nothing. She just happens to be the main character in a game I used to really like.

Used to?


23-08-09, 17:36
Lara croft is a rich and strong women who gets what she wants and thats all. If someone stands in her way they WILL pay the price.

23-08-09, 17:36
A dumbass with water guns.

23-08-09, 17:37
Used to?


That's way too big a can of worms to be opening in this thread ;)

23-08-09, 17:40
She's my idol, everything i want to be :)
she also feels close to me

'A smart and sophisticated woman with a heart of gold, but has a dangorwous side that you really do not want to get on?'

Also ^^^

That is how i see Lara


23-08-09, 17:46
If anything, she's a murderer and a thief. Not what I'd call role-model material.

23-08-09, 17:53
If anything, she's a murderer and a thief. Not what I'd call role-model material.

thats not how i see her :ton:

28-04-11, 10:05
Sorry this is so late, I'm relatively new here so yeah :)

To me, Lara Croft started out as a character whose natural habitat had to start out in interactive entertainment because, well, the main thing about her is that she's a female adventurer - the kind of person one would feel the need to nurture, guide and protect. This was quite intentional on the part of the creators, as made clear in the special feature "Are You Game?" in the first TR film DVD.

As she evolved, she became quite in a league of her own as far as her personality and character went - to me she embodies everything women have aspired to be like since the feminist revolution, despite what many radical misled "feminists" complain about her. She's witty, independant, able to fall in love but not dependant on ANY man. As pointed out in previous posts, she'd stop at nothing to do what she knows needs to be done, and she's not afraid to have fun on the way :)

Not to mention one of my personal favourite things about her character - friendship means a lot to her despite all the trouble she's had due to putting trust in less-than-ideal people (i.e. Von Croy). She's the kind of person to take on board all she's learned about this and use it to help her choose more trustworthy friends, rather than do what many other characters around have done and push away the notion of friendship altogether. I hope I got that across okay :) Finally, you gotta love the fact that she lives by her OWN idea of 'the right way to live', rather than spend her whole life trying to conform to how others think this is. She conforms only to her own love of life, and does not frown upon others for not doing the same or having the same views on the matter (at least not from what has ever been shown of her, which by now is an awful lot).

In short, Lara Croft rules. XD XD

Great topic, by the way. A very good question indeed.

Jester Head
28-04-11, 10:10
She is, at least, 4 different people. The things those have in common are: -Being female,
-Being athletic,
-Knowing how to use weapons
-Looking for historic/mythological things

All other things are different for different Laras, so "Lara Croft" herself is just that.

28-04-11, 10:21
to me, she's just a game character :D.

28-04-11, 11:58
An absolute nutter!

28-04-11, 12:03
Isn't she that woman in that crappy video game series? What's it called...? Meh, I forget. Anyway, don't really know who she is. Apparently, she's like Barbie but with a British accent.

nick styger
28-04-11, 12:12
The only woman I can control

28-04-11, 13:09
To me, Lara Croft is simply the character that I played as in TRs 1, 2 and 3. We didn't know much about her other than she was a fierce adventurer, and I was happy with that. From TR4 onwards she became the center of the universe, now it's like on every game, the whole world revolves around her. And to make things worst, these constant changes in bio and personality have prevented her from having any hint of consistency as a character. So basically, I stopped caring for her a long time ago. It could be Justin Bieber there on the screen, it wouldn't matter to me. :p (jk of course but you get the point)

28-04-11, 13:21
Someone special!

28-04-11, 13:24
She is you.. With the flaws removed. :ohn:

28-04-11, 14:11
She's been changed too much to be "one person" to me. We had the mysterious adventurer or TR1-3, the sarcastic, moody bitch who let nothing get in her way of TR:LR, TR:C and TR:AoD, we have the whiny Barbie doll who just remembered her mum disappeared when she was ten, rather than having disowned her (TR:L-U) and we have the much more realistic, unexperienced woman barely out of her teens as of the up and coming game.

But there are some common factors:
- She's adventurous
- She always wins
- Her dry wit sometimes becomes too much
- and her logic in weaponry surpasses military training, and boarders on concerning :eek:

To me, Lara's been all four of the preset definitions as seen in scremanie's OP. Personally, I think number two (heart of gold, but dangerous) fits all four samewhat. :)

(BTW I'm only talking about the games, not the movies)

Chocola teapot
28-04-11, 14:54
Crazy bitch with a fabulous lifestyle. <3

28-04-11, 14:59
A lesbian.

28-04-11, 15:02
lololol old thread.

28-04-11, 18:15
Is it?
I just decided to post lesbian... cause I'm crazayyyy.

28-04-11, 18:40
I see that the thread's kinda old but since other people posted today I doubt that mine would be such a disaster :D .

Imo She's a classy aristocrat who under(so far ) three diferent circumstances ended up becoming an archaeologist and a tomb raider who stops at nothing to get the artefacts and the relics she's looking for each time and is always tricked by blond bitchy women or crazy rich men who in the end end up killed by her for trying to do harm to the world. Her hobbies seem to be killing extinct or nearly extinct species of animals and wrecking up thousand year old temples.

28-04-11, 19:12
I think that Lara Croft is an All-out Action Adventure Archeologist/Tomb Raider, who seeks
long lost relics and finds interest in epic challenges, all for the thrill of it! :D She's also
kinda smart, too. In case of any emergency, she carries a gun, or two, to handle the
situation. Speaking of guns, she really likes her gun-toting! :D She also owns a nice
mansion with gardens and a butler called Winston, but I won't go into too much detail...
also, she's very rich, and (in her world) has published several journals of her adventures.

Her Back-story, in my world:
Her education would be the same, and when she was 21, while on a plane heading home
after a skiing trip in Asia, the plane somehow crashed in the heart of the Himalayan
mountains, making her the sole survivor. With this in mind, Lara knew she had to depend
on her wits and skills in order to survive... 2 weeks later she walked into a nearby town a
changed woman. The events following the crash had a profound effect on her, and soon
she was travelling the world in search of priceless artefacts, and stuff...

And there you have it. Lara Croft, world renown archeologist and professional
gymnast... who is cool! :D:p

And no, she has not tried the BROCCOLI COCONUT HOTDOG yet... :pi: