View Full Version : Ghana... Anyone else get this?

23-08-09, 10:39
When I came to Ghana and the drawbridge thing at the beginning. Everyone says to jump on the rope then grapple the stone thing down or something like that.
But when I got to it I went on the rope swung and her feet hit it and it went down without grappling. I'm just wondering if anyone else gets this? Or is it just me?

Certainly quicker though...

23-08-09, 10:45
Yeah thatīs the other way to do it... itīs been shown in one of the early trailers and it still works in the game itself.

23-08-09, 10:46
I never tried that, I always used the grapple method :D Im gonna go and try that right now :D

23-08-09, 11:00
wow i have to try this :ton:

thanks for posting

!Lara Croft!
23-08-09, 11:30
Yep, origionally you performed a wall-jump to open it for it. But the move was deleted (Added back in underworld) so it became kicking it with the rope, the metalic part seems to be an afterthought as when you kick it on the rope it turns away from you like in the cutscene but if you pull it with the grapple you pull it towards you but it still turns away from you in the cutscene.

23-08-09, 12:22
I always do it that way. Looks cooler lol. :cool:

The Great Chi
23-08-09, 13:03
Interesting, never knew that :tmb:

It must be that the trigger is hit, either by the grapple or laras feet :D

25-08-09, 12:54
I didn't know about this, thanks :D