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13-10-03, 23:30
I was looking for some news on Crystal Dynamics and Tomb Raider and came across this site that reviews game companies for people that want to invest, but it also has a lot of interesting information about how well the games are selling and gives a projected forcast for Eidos. Talks about TR too! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

Overview (http://www.gamesinvestor.com/Companies/Eidos/Eidos_Overview/eidos_overview.html)

2003 News (http://www.gamesinvestor.com/Companies/Eidos/Eidos_2003_News/eidos_2003_news.html)

Conclusion (http://www.gamesinvestor.com/Companies/Eidos/Eidos_Conclusion/eidos_conclusion.html)

13-10-03, 23:37
Hmmmmmm, very interesting.

John Falstaff
13-10-03, 23:38
Thanks Trinty 34,

A lot of interesting stuff there!

I'll be returning to it. But I think we can understand a bit more about AOD!