View Full Version : Dead links in the tutorials

24-08-09, 20:53
Hi :wve:

The whole Tomb Raider HUB stuff got moved to another server and for management purposes my personal folder has also been moved. This means that the links to images in the tutorials and other screenshots and/or downloads that were placed in my personal folder might not work anymore.
Some still work, other don't, as I just found out.

I will however fix all the links, but I'm going to need some time. I'm guessing about a week, since work has started again today.

So please be patient.
The links will get fixed.

I'll keep you updated. :hug:

24-08-09, 20:57
Thanks for the heads up, Titak.

24-08-09, 21:18
have fun titia :)

you see that! she takes care of us :)