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25-08-09, 14:40
Hello, I've come to a problem with my credits flyby at the end of my game. Creating the final cutscene and triggering the credits gives me a problem that is hard to fix. I have 0 6 9 and 10 enabled in the flyby setup. There are multiple flyby's after each other for my credits. The problem is that when I start the credits from the title menu the camera's work and the next is triggered with a rolling ball but when the credits load from my cutscene the first camera sequence stops at the end at Lara. My credit list is just a level and no TREP enabled script. I searched the forum and came across this but does not help.

- camera 14: press the 14 button to make it activate the heavy trigger for the rolling ball.
- place the rolling ball on a one click slope (so it won't shake the screen) and place a heavy trigger for camera 0 of the next sequence underneath it. Make sure the rolling ball won't stay on the trigger. Set the heavytrigger to one shot like usual to prevent looping.

... I don't know how else to explain... it should work... I'm using it myself in the initial flyby for my levels...

Sequence 0? I always start with sequence 1. Didn't know 0 would work also.
(I wonder what would happen if you renamed all camera's of sequence 0 to 1 adn the ones from sequence 1 to 2?)


thanks titak!!
i'll try re-naming them to sequences 1 and 2 and see if it works. maybe that's the porblem.

okay, it still isn't working could it have anything to do with the number of cutcams or cameras in my first sequence? i have 15 cameras in the first sequence. it always just stops after the last camera of the first sequence and goes back to the lara camera. the ball does rool, but it's not activating the heavy trigger.


I hope it works for I'm out of ideas right now.


oh YES!!!!

i finally did it
i had to have the number 6 (snap back to lara) pressed in the first camera of sequence 1. i'm not sure why, but now it worked!!!

25-08-09, 14:59
Not sure if I got everything right but it sounds like the transition from sequence one to two has a problem.
Have you tried to use an additional dummy cam for sequence one?
An additional cam that is coming after the last cam with ocb14.

This is a wild guess so I may be totally wrong. :o

25-08-09, 15:34
An additional cam does not help :( Strange that with selecting the level it works but from a level load it does not?

25-08-09, 16:19
No idea about this..the only thing I know is that the flybys are really buggy and some has been improved in TRNG. I had to work arround it for end credits in my game because it refused to jump to the next sequence..it just jumped to cam 10 in the old regardless of what I did.

As you don't use TRNG and can't use some of its features to move lara without loading the level (as I had to do to trigger things etc.) I have no idea how to solve this :(

25-08-09, 17:32
I got a solution :) It seems that because of the level load the first cam sequence wont accept a second sequence jump without Lara. So now I moved Lara to the very first cam and start without 0 in the camera's ocb. So the camera starts from Lara and every cam sequence that follows with 0 enabled with the rolling ball shows no problems. It is just the first cam sequence that gives troubles.

I guess that a level jump has a some kind of different value for Lara then when you start from the level menu.

25-08-09, 17:39
So it is working from both level laod and title now?
Great you got it to work. :)

25-08-09, 17:55
Yes, it is a strange problem and it has defenitely something to do with Lara. There has to be no data taken over for Lara when you start from the level menu but with level load data is taken over in case of level jumps I guess. I also tried resethub but that does nothing either. Strange things these flyby's. Now I can solve my other cutscene problem too :)

25-08-09, 22:23
Glad you are on your way again! The flybys are really weird sometimes...Paolone tried to fix things a few version too but they did not like it. Other stuff went crazy instead lol! think his latest bug fixes are ok though.