View Full Version : When They Cry- Higurashi

Melonie Tomb Raider
25-08-09, 22:53

No spoilers, please. :p

I'm making this thread because I watched the first episode on youtube, and I'm considering buying the complete box set that just came out. However, before I shell out nearly $60 for it, I want to make sure it will be worth it.

From the first episode, I think I will really enjoy the more gritty and mature themes, but I don't know if I can get over the silly chibi stuff. Don't get me wrong, chibis are cute, but it seemed a little spastic and immature. Which is odd that I can say that about an apparently gruesome show, weird combo.

Does the kiddy stuff lessen as the episodes go on? Is it worth $60? Again, please refrain from spoilers. :)

Edit: Found a better deal for just $39.99, so I bought it. Feel free to discuss it anyway, I hope it's good. :D

Legend of Lara
26-08-09, 15:09

I've watched the whole series and I cannot do anything but recommend it! :tmb: The kiddy stuff does in fact lessen. The first episode is just an introduction. It gets REALLY dark and violent as it goes on, with the last ten episodes being stuff of nightmares, just to let you know. And there was one scene (SPOILER Fingernails. Being torn off. Eurgh SPOILER END) that was so gruesome I have to skip it every time. The screams. The screams haunt me...

There are two Higurashi sequels, Higurashi Kai and Higurashi Rei, but they aren't out in English.