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26-08-09, 00:40
I know that everyone asks about this. I'm setting up my very first flyby camera sequence. (I've avoided them until now) The first camera and the sequence trigger are placed in one room, while the others are all placed throughout a series of rooms stacked on top of this room going up. There are 8 cameras all togather. I read "flyby cameras for dummies" by George Maciver to do this. I'm having the problem where the camera loops for ever, and I can't stop it! "flyby cameras for dummies" and "getting started with flyby cameras" by Uvavoo both say that pressing ONE SHOT in the trigger box prevents this. I also made sure that ocb 2 is not selected for the first camera. 0 is not selected because the sequence starts from lara's view. I've deleted and replaced the trigger several times, but I can't get it to stop triggering the flyby sequence over and over again!:hea:

26-08-09, 04:09
Salution: One shot the trigger for the flyby.
in the trigger window make sure one shot is pressed then try the flyby ingame. :)

26-08-09, 13:57
I have already said :rolleyes: , (or at least implied) that my trigger IS one shot, yet the problem still continues!

26-08-09, 15:10
Trigger the first camera. The actual "flyby" in the trigger menu is only for the title flyby.

I got that wrong previously as well.
It also depends on how you trigger it.
If you trigger the sequence with an object, (trigger triggerer or Rolling ball) and the object remains on the same square as the trigger, it will loop.

I think that if it is triggered by using a key, as long as Lara stands on the key square, it will loop.

No such problem with a normal trigger, a pickup trigger, or a switch.

In the case of using a key, you can use a rollingball and heavy trigger, and have the rollingball roll past the heavy trigger square (not finish on the square.)

26-08-09, 17:25
YES!:yah: It finally stoped! Thanks for telling me. George Maciver must have been using an older editor because in the picture the trigger type said "flyby". But now it works. Thank you so much!

26-08-09, 17:51
One more less urgent problem I'm having is with the mist ball effect. I read on skribblerz how to achieve this and I triggered a mist ball around a revolving key at the top of the tower. The flyby camera sequence shows the key but the mist ball isn't visable until you actually see the key later...