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27-08-09, 17:21
Do I need to get Winrar when I install Tomb Raider Level Editor fom the disc that comes with Chronicles? Is Level Editor Bexgt Generation totally different or is there a simple update for the Level Editor that comes on the disc?

27-08-09, 17:32
the level editor is on the disc with chronicles, so if that is the version you want them you ca install it, then download the patches and updates online:)

oh but the next gen level editor is totally different...(is it,?? I think it is)


27-08-09, 17:40
The NG Level Editor is just a update to the normal editor
You must have the regular TRLE installed in your hard drive, then download the TRNG from Paolone's site and run the installation :)
it must be installed in the same directory of TRLE, otherwise it won't work :D

27-08-09, 17:49
^oh that explains why6 the NGLE didn't play my games:p

27-08-09, 18:21
but do i need to download that winrar thing?

27-08-09, 18:54
well, for unzipping levels from TRLE.net, Stuff from TRsearch.org, Other Useful Programs and NG updates that are .rar files

27-08-09, 20:10
If you're installing the Level Editor from the disc, then you certainly don't need WinRar. But it's a useful utility, and comes handy quite often for other things - and can be downloaded for free from here (http://www.rarlab.com/).

28-08-09, 07:16
You can also use 7Zip (http://www.7-zip.org/)