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29-08-09, 15:23
Kylie Minogue was asked to appear in the upcoming Bollywood film "Blue" to portray herself and a song was written by the director. In Bollywood the songs are usually released before the film and can be just as important (if not more so) than the trailers!

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What do you think of this East meets West mix? Are we going to be seeing more South Asian influences in Western music?

Video: fixed :)

29-08-09, 15:29
Like I said :p Australia is South East Asia. Not such a big jump for Kylie to be asked to do this. HEAPS of bollywood films are shot in Australia too.

29-08-09, 16:01
:vlol: Kylie is pure Europop her music can't be described as "Asian" she's from Australia but she's spent most of the last 20 years in the UK :p

29-08-09, 16:25
That video has been removed by user apparently. :o

Dark Lugia 2
29-08-09, 16:31
She performed at the Indian IIFA awards too :)

29-08-09, 21:24
Umm the video is gone.

29-08-09, 21:28
Umm the video is gone.
Well this is the kind of video you should imagine what's going on in it, not watch it :p

29-08-09, 21:40
well I found the video elsewhere and it made me laugh actually. Very cheesy but quite fun.

I like my genres mixed anyway so a little indian influence doesn't go amiss. But I reckon they must have paid Kylie some big bucks.

29-08-09, 23:03
I found another one :P

It is very cheesy, but isn't all Bollywood music? The film itself is like an Indian version of "into the blue" with Jessica Alba and Paul Walker

30-08-09, 00:42
Bollywood is cheesy and Kylie is too (sometimes), so I say they mix well. :p

I like Asian style music, it's fun. I can see it mixing well with Western music. Can't see why not.

30-08-09, 00:43
Chiggy.....Whiggy? Fur real? Please tell me it means something in a different language!

30-08-09, 03:22
Well this is the kind of video you should imagine what's going on in it, not watch it :p

I found another one. I liked it, I thought it was nice, fun, and cute too. :) I'd look forward to the full version coming out.

30-08-09, 06:05
That's it? I was expecting something more...elaborate since Kylie in it and all.. catchy song, but not memorable enough.. On the plus side, she looks AMAZING! :D

30-08-09, 06:07
that's all that's been released so far, but I wouldn't be surprised if that was the extent of her contribution. it reminds me a lot of "I talk too much" with Just Jack. She was more or less backing vocals, but it's something new/different from her so I'm happy.

I get to see her in Vegas next month!