View Full Version : Toy Remote controlled helicopters

30-08-09, 16:44
Hi, i know this has got nothing to do with anything, but does anybody know how to control one of these helicopters, i got one yesterday and all i can do is lift it of the ground and watch it go in circles, thanks.

30-08-09, 16:44
I have no idea, but that really sounds fun :) ... just dont end up like jumbie :pi:

30-08-09, 17:00
There must be a manual that came with it ^^ Check that out :rolleyes:

Dennis's Mom
30-08-09, 17:15
Check Youtube for a vid. I've taken apart Blackberries based on those things . . . .

30-08-09, 17:40
I've checked the manual, youtube, i've checked everything, its so complicated, just flying it into the wall is annoying. :p

30-08-09, 17:41
Practice. :)

30-08-09, 19:16
I'm going to destroy it if i keep doing that :p

Super Badnik
30-08-09, 19:21
I had one of them. :jmp:
But i can't remember how to use them, it was a long time ago now. Sorry i couldn't help.

30-08-09, 20:42
Sell it on Ebay ;)

30-08-09, 23:51
I have 3 ;) , 2/3 are broken XD

31-08-09, 00:00
I'm going to destroy it if i keep doing that :p
lol true I mean I destroyed mine and haven't fixed it :vlol: but practice will be pretty much the only way to learn it, watching someone and getting tips is one thing, but actually doing it is another.

31-08-09, 17:50
I've killed 3 propellors so far :tmb: