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31-08-09, 22:38

31-08-09, 22:41
This video can suck it.


Lee croft
31-08-09, 22:43
This video can suck it.

hayeeeee!!! :yah:

agreed and i havent even watched it

31-08-09, 22:50
Just live everyday as it comes. Period.

31-08-09, 23:13
And the whole idea gets completely ruined by the annoying kids who can't even read standing in front of an obnoxiously colourful background with some idiotic music playing in the background. Ecological footprint? Oh just shut up. I couldn't even make it to the two minute mark and I usually pay attention to this kind of stuff (even though it's harder to actually do something about it lol.)

Super Badnik
31-08-09, 23:52
Oh God, not more assehole kids trying to shove Global Warming down our thoarts. I don't have a problem with other people fully throwing themsevles at this "cause", but some of us still remain skeptical about all these doomsday beliefs.

31-08-09, 23:54
Let's change it to the matrix runs on xp! While we enjoy more cookies!

01-09-09, 03:29
^Heh heh. I thought it was pretty funny actually. :) Maybe that's just cause I love that movie so much though, lol.

EDIT: Oh, man I just watched it again. That paper clip rocks! :p

01-09-09, 03:39
LOL! Stupid vids=loves!!!^^