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31-08-09, 23:18
Video removed


31-08-09, 23:30
[Mod Edit: quoted deleted post]

Bad words, but :vlol::vlol::vlol:

31-08-09, 23:33
LMAO i saw this somewhere! idr where but i did :vlol:

SpongeBob Lover
31-08-09, 23:35
i saw this a while ago but it never gets old!!!!!!!


Nenya awakens
31-08-09, 23:39
Oh yeah, this video is years old.

31-08-09, 23:45
Oldie but a goodie :D

31-08-09, 23:49
Never seen that before but it's ****ing hilarious!! :vlol:

31-08-09, 23:50
hahahahah :D it ended up on the as the crack cocaine's spider 's female dog lmfao

Dennis's Mom
31-08-09, 23:50
I've never seen that! It's so freaking funny.

31-08-09, 23:53
i dont see how its funny :o

Lara Coft Baby
01-09-09, 00:00
ahahahahah OMG thats funny, I thought they were being for real till they got to the alcohol :vlol:

01-09-09, 00:02
Hey VioletBlossom! :D

*holds up Qtips*

01-09-09, 02:21
Omg my english teacher last year made us wacth this lamO!

01-09-09, 02:24
I'm never looking at spiders the same way again.

01-09-09, 02:26
I dont find it funny. :p

01-09-09, 02:26
LMAO!!!:vlol: Spiders on drugs!!:D

01-09-09, 02:27

I'm sure they used the scientific method with this experiment.:D

TR love
01-09-09, 08:44
I saw this a few years ago, i was actually thinking about how i wanted to find it again a few days ago XD

01-09-09, 08:56
am I the only one who doesn't find this funny and thinks that the one who made that "experiment" on a spider should get a life? :wve:

01-09-09, 10:00
The video has been removed due to containing a swear word that would normally be censored on the forum.
As I said in another thread:
........ also inappropriate for containing swearwords that are censored on this forum.
While I am well aware that swearing seems to become more and more mainstream and acceptable these days, it is still against the rules to bypass the censor by posting material that contains words that would be censored here, were you to type them out.
Since the thread is pretty redundant without the clip in the first place, I have closed it.
However, I will bring this up in discussion with my dear co-mods and the almighty penguin, and you will be informed in due course if there should be any changes.
In the meantime, keep it clean, don't bypass the censor and don't post anything that might be deemed unsuitable.
Rule of thumb: If in doubt, don't post it (or at least ask beforehand). ;)

@ Drone: No, you are not the only one. But I do have my doubt that the whole thing is serious (as in "there were never any drugs on the cotton buds to start with").