View Full Version : A Torch Bug...

01-09-09, 16:00
I'm having a problem in the level I'm making with the torch. There's a section of it that I would like to be REALLY dark, so I gave lara a torch to use. The problem is, I seem to be having some kind of reverse flare bug. The torch is lit when lara is holding it, but when she throws it on the ground, it gets really dimm and is barely visible. At first I thought it was just the flare bug, I de-activated almost all of the flame emitters in my level. That fixed the flare bug, but this torch problem still continues...:(

01-09-09, 16:04
I think it's something to do with the "de-activation of the flame emmiters".
Try not to put so many in.:)

01-09-09, 16:15
This is a default thing i think.
maybe fixable with TREP?
I dont know i never used TREP o.O
Hope you get it fixxed.
Heres a suggestion put torches on the wall that lara can light.