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02-09-09, 15:35
...for teeny, tiny bit parts. Myself and several other members of this forum and currently developing an online audio series based upon Doctor Who, and we're currently searching for some people to play extras. The roles (and lines) we are in need of are:

Deep Voiced people to play aliens. No accent needed, we modify voices by computer. These are really just several shouts and cries. We also need several grunts and yells too, please.

Shouts: "Get Them!", "Kill Them!", "Move!", "There They Are!"

We need at least one Deep Voiced Person to speak a single line:

Line: "And Now For The Bounty..."

Anyone Else to play prisoners. Any voice, any gender, any age. Couldn't be simpler. We just need several people saying some various stuff. We need a few yells and cheers too.

Shouts: "Thank God!", "Where Are We Going?", "Let's Get Out Of Here!", "What is this place?", "Wow!"

Once again, we need one person, just anybody to speak a single line:

"David, What’s Going On?"

Thanks to everybody who takes the time to read this thread and reply. :)

02-09-09, 15:42
I would love to be one of the prisoners :rolleyes:

02-09-09, 15:42
I can try the deep-voiced person or prisoner, but I'm not a native english speaker :p

Lee croft
02-09-09, 15:43
Id do it but i dont have a mic :o .....

02-09-09, 15:44
Doesn't matter what your primary language is, as long as you know the english to say it. :) We aren't going to judge.

02-09-09, 16:12
I've recorded a few lines (some are repeated)


Tell me what do you think about it :D

02-09-09, 16:22
Thanks for helping! :) Appreciate it.

We're still looking for people just to do the background voices, the callouts and cries as seen in the first post.

03-09-09, 00:16
Im up for it...

03-09-09, 00:18
If Only I had a mic, my camera's mic is odd >.<

03-09-09, 00:20
If Only I had a mic, my camera's mic is odd >.<

Maybe you can do the alien voices? :p