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03-09-09, 00:27
i know im close to 3 years too late... but couldnt help but wonder... have anyone traced the symbols on the portal back??? does anyone know where do they come from??

are those symbols originally from LoK: SR?

i know amandas tatoos are in some of the symbols, if not some of them... but im not so sure...

does somebody knows for sure?

Super Badnik
03-09-09, 00:43
Never really thought about their origin, i thought they were probably just random designs. Good question though, if they do have an origin i'm sure someone will have looked them up. :p

03-09-09, 01:18
i know that there are some resemblances with LoK... along with other easter eggs like the reaver and kains painting...

but i dont know much more... may be there is more than just some easter eggs there...

03-09-09, 02:35
Considering their importance to the story and that they appeared in 2 games so far they would have been made for Legend krycekuva. And they did not look anything like the symbols in LOK.

03-09-09, 08:10
what about amandas tatoos? are those also designed for the game? or is it only gothic lara the one wearing LoK symbols?... i cant really tell... but i remember reading somewhere about the easter eggs somewhere...

03-09-09, 15:26
Amanda's tattoos use similar symbols to the columns, they are not any sort of LOK easter egg. Same as the same symbols plastered all over the Underworld leves were to do with TRU, not some other unrelated game. None of the LOK Easter eggs had anything to do with the story of the Tomb Raider games, they were just there for the LOK fans. Gothic Lara has a tattoo on the back of her neck and a symbol on the jacket that is for LOK, I think one of the other outfits had something on the shoes. There is the painting in Croft Manor and the Soul Reaver blade, nothing but Easter eggs and do not effect the story.

03-09-09, 17:39
... and do not effect the story.

that of im sure...

but one can still dream:;D

03-09-09, 22:02
I thought some of them looked similar to the Scion in Tomb Raider Anniversary. Could just be me...

04-09-09, 00:52
↑ Indeed I thought that the base of the dais, looked like the Scion :eek:

06-09-09, 23:26
and vaguely the AOD drawings

06-09-09, 23:41

Angel Of Darkness ^


Anniversary ^

07-09-09, 00:54
there are problems with the comparisson pics...:/

07-09-09, 01:21
Yes and I suppose next people will be saying it is like the triangle of light just because it has a triangle shape in it. Being round does not make it anything like the scion and certainly it looks nothing like the AOD seal, although it might have something in common with it.

http://i81.photobucket.com/albums/j215/aussie500/AOD/th_Background.jpg (http://s81.photobucket.com/albums/j215/aussie500/AOD/?action=view&current=Background.jpg)



http://i81.photobucket.com/albums/j215/aussie500/AE%20game/th_tra2007-06-1100-57-07-73.jpg (http://s81.photobucket.com/albums/j215/aussie500/AE%20game/?action=view&current=tra2007-06-1100-57-07-73.jpg)

07-09-09, 04:39
I thought they all looked the same too, but I always get the people thinking I am crazy when there are definitly simillarities:)

07-09-09, 07:43
I wasn't comparing the pictures I sent, I just sent those so people can compare to the symbols on the portal ._.