View Full Version : Tomb raider legend- time trails

03-09-09, 08:29
hello ive got a question let say you do a time trial and you unlocked everything and got the upgrades but you want do a time trial again right after the first time and you beat it again the second time will it upgrade again or is it always the same upgrades? is there any difference? thanks. --- MIKE

04-09-09, 21:22
Once you complete a game 100%, you have unlocked everything there is to unlock. Even if you keep doing the Time Trials again and again, you won't get anything new.

08-09-09, 10:05
It's easy to complete Time Trials when you have a 'one-shot' cheat))

10-09-09, 07:12
oh yeah i know i found that out ---LOL the first three time trials i did regularly but the other time trials i had to finish using " THE ONE SHOT KILL CHEAT" if it wasnt for that i wouldnt have been able to finish them, time trials are a "****ING ***** they're not worth it to put in a game thanks, --- MIKE